Soylent Airtight Pitcher Patch Request

I got my first Soylent Kit about 2 weeks ago. It’s Version 1.5 and as a new Soylent user I got the Scoop and the Airtight Pitcher.

I’ve weaned myself on to Soylent, and started making the Soylent in the Airtight pitcher and note that due to it’s height, it is difficult to store in the refrigerator after mixing. If it was 3-4" shorter I wouldn’t have to keep it in the door (subjecting it to temperature fluctuations every time the door opens).

I also noted that if the end user adds something to the pitcher to aid in agitation (in this case the ball from a Blender Bottle) it results in cosmetic scratches to the interior surface of the plastic.

I guess it wouldn’t be fair to ask you to get a bigger refrigerator.

There are lots of recommendations for other pitchers mentioned on this site.

I don’t think temperature fluctuations are that important, depending on how many people open your fridge door!

Mine keeps in the refrigerator door for 3+ days, despite the temperature fluctuations.


The airtight pitcher can be laid on a shelf. Also I’ve never needed a blender ball to get an even mix with no clumps.


Unfortunately we won’t be offering up different sized pitchers. This may change in the future, but not anytime soon.


This is not a good idea. That’s just asking for a mess that will happen eventually.

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My go-to pitcher is the Frigoverre 68-oz. It fits nicely on the shelf. It’s also glass, not plastic, so your blender balls won’t scratch it.

I had to re-arrange the shelves to get the pitcher to fit. Now I have lots of space on the bottom shelf and a tiny little 4 inch shelf at the top of the fridge. Luckily with Soylent I don’t need much room for other food stuffs.

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I like to prepare my Soylent just before I go to bed, and leave it to seat in the fridge at night.
Then, in the morning, I drink my full glass and pour the remaining in 2 large Mason jars.
Quickly clean the pitcher and leave it to dry.

So, there is only 2 Mason jar.
It’s faster and easier to clean the pitcher.
And you have the added bonus of not oxidizing the full batch each time you wanna drink a glass.
I drink one per day at breakfast, so 3 days of shaking the full batch each time is not as good as once the first morning while pouring into the jar.

If you don’t have need for much room for other food stuffs, do what I did? I simply removed one of the shelves. The remaining two shelves (and bottom) are equally distanced apart.

I just moved the bottom shelf all the way up so I have some small shelves for things like fruit and whatever other small stuff I end up getting, and then I have the one large bottom shelf for liquids.

I both have a raised lowest shelf in my fridge and bought 4 16 oz thermoses to keep the soylent in. I suspect just buying the thermoses would solve your issue as their much shorter and shouldn’t have any trouble fitting on the bottom shelf of a fridge.

Try this. Its the perfect size and intended for liquid storage.

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Heh! Three of the four reviews are from Soylent customers.