Soylent, Alcohol, and YOU!


I would like to issue a warning to the community about the dangers of Soylent and alcohol. Disclaimer: as @rob attested to in his blog post, Soylent makes a fantastic hangover cure (and doesn’t taste so bad mixed with vodka, either!).

However, I’d like to caution the community about a newfound danger I discovered: mixing Soylent while drunk:

What is this? I am fairly confident that it is poison. Lesson of the day: friends don’t let friends handle potentially poisonous quantities of raw chemicals.*

*While drinking.


Oops! That wasn’t the potassium, it was drain cleaner! :\


From empirical observation, I have concluded that its okay to mix soylent while drunk as long as you have that muscle memory planted really well…at least it works for me! :stuck_out_tongue:


How drunk have you been friend? My imagination tells me that the mixing process must’ve been hilarious!


I dunno about soylent, that looks more like a sand margarita to me…


Are you sure by adding alcohol you didn’t change the pH and what is normally dissolved in solution is pushed to precipitate?


I’m pretty sure I was in the tank so I’m not quite certain what happened. Don’t let it happen to you! :smiley:


So mixing it right, it’s a full fledged food replacement and mixing it wrong will kill me?