Soylent + Alcohol?


Anyone tried it?

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I don’t know if anyone has used alcohol to replace the water content of Soylent, but there are threads that talk about the dangers of mixing Soylent while drunk ( ), and the effects of alcohol on the Soylent consumer ( ). Hope those threads help.

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There was someone who mentioned Soylent and Scotch. They mixed it pretty thin, a shot in 16 oz. I guess the peat mixed well flavor wise for them. I tried it quite a bit stiffer, putting about a shot of Ardbeg (very peaty, smoky Scotch) in a tumbler and filling the rest with Soylent. It was…a bit unpleasant, although I can see how a different ratio or different Scotch might actually be quite good.

Was the absorption any different (consistency, etc.) from using pure water?

I had it mixed at my usual consistency first (2L of water, 1 package Soylent/Oil), then poured it into the glass with the whisky. I then had to take a spoon to stir the mixture, at which point it seemed the same as usual, maybe just a bit thinner. This makes perfect sense, whisky is mostly water anyway.

Soylent + vodka is basically like a mudslide. Tricky to get the mix right, though.

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Did you use chocolate?

Not a drop, though I expect a milk chocolate syrup could do some favors in moderation.

I know that Rob is a fan of Soylent with vodka]1 . I have always been a fan of the idea too, just because of the similarity to mudder’s milk in the Firefly series


As a Browncoat I love the idea of Mudder’s Milk… I’ll see about getting a few trials in this weekend… FOR SCIENCE!


“all the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plus 15 percent alcohol.”


I added some Kahlua to a glass. It wasn’t as sweet as Kahlua and milk, but it was nice enough.


As a joke, someone who was interviewing me tossed vodka into my Soylent. It was good. Joke was on him, I guess. :smile:

Also, and I don’t see anyone has brought this up, but Soylent has, on more than one occasion, cured my morning hangover. I’m not joking.


Mentioned it on a different thread, but it’s definitely been an early-morning cure for my days after as well.

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A shot or two of chartreuse in my evening soylent is a great way to unwind.

I mixed schmoylent and tequila & enjoyed it… probably about 5 ounces tequila and 16 ounces schmoylent

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This sounds gross initially, but it seems you guys like it!

It made a decent white Russian.


Interesting, I just think all these would be nasty since Soylent has the gritty/grainy texture, I’m probably just exaggerating it though.

I usually let my schmoylent sit overnight before consumption and that really helped with the grittiness. I’m not picky about texture in general and actually really enjoyed my schmoylent while I had it.

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