Soylent + Almond Milk Egg Nog ... The world is not ready

So I am finishing up my 1.1 batch so I can start 1.2, and had discovered some Califia Farms Almond Milk Egg Nog for the holidays the other day. Mixing up my last batch it hit me “its Christmas, and this is science anyway, let’s nog the crap out of that Soylent and let the Christmas ghosts be damned!” People say using Almond Milk gives the Soylent a slightly thicker/more creamy texture anyway, so this appeared to be a novel idea that had high potential to be both joyful and triumphant.

The additional possibility that the gaseous emanations produced from digesting aforementioned concoction could suddenly now smell much more festive, as if Febreze had created a scented Egg Nog plugin device, with some earthy undertones, was an undeniable draw I must admit.

It’s awesome. Not overpowering, subtle yet noticeable (the nutmeg is what comes through the most), but it makes Soylent taste like a completely different thing. A thing of wondrousness that calls out “come to me, drink, and be merry.”

It’s also making me think about adding nutmeg to my blend in general now (likely with a bit of cinnamon).

As for Season’s Fartings, no word yet. There will be rumbling afoot upon the morrow! *HARK the Herald Angels tooooot…duh duh duhdu…*uh, however the rest goes.


I want to try it but I’m scared to. I’m likely to gorge on 3 Soylent pouches in one sitting, the way I go nutso over egg nog…


When I make egg nog, it’s about 50% whiskey. (The rest, of course, is eggs, cream, sugar, and nutmeg).

Which makes me wonder, why not make my soylent the same way? I’ll see you in a few weeks when I sober up…


I’ve been afraid to mix alcohol into my Soylent, but I’ve considered it many times.

There have been… mixed (and mostly unpleasant) results. Rum seems to work better than most, and kahlua on the top of tolerable, while the clearer liquors are just bad ideas all around.

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Is there a thread documenting/discussing this? I’d love to read it!

How much egg nog do you use? I’m imagining you still use some water and some egg nog, right?

The almond milk egg nog I used is pretty light, so I used roughly a 70/30 mix favoring the nog. If I do it again, and depending on the strength/taste of the egg nog itself before adding it (which is something one should definitely taste before they try this so as to inform the mix a bit better), I’d probably do 50/50 (though I’d still favor the nog a bit more personally). The Califia stuff is pretty light compared to real milk egg nog, but I also wouldn’t use that brand again as it has a slightly aspartame flavor (or so it seemed to me). Soy Egg Nog has a pretty close to real flavor to me, but I’m also not a fan of soy for what its worth.

Also, remember I did this with the thinned out 1.1 mix. I’m betting it will be different with the thicker 1.2, and if I were to do with this with 1.2 my first thinking would be to probably thin the ratio out a bit more with water, depending on how thick the egg nog is compared to water. i.e., using true milk egg nog would seem to make more sense to cut much more or one may end up with a paste instead of a drinkable mix.

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I knew this had to be a thing. I am pleased by the knowledge that this exists.

I’ve actually been mixing my Soylent with Cinnamon and Nutmeg now for the past few weeks for flavoring and it’s not bad. The aroma makes it a bit more enticing.

May the mother of g_d and all her wacky nephews forgive me, but I do enjoy a good fart joke. Thanks.

I haven’t tried mixing Soylent and Eggnog, though I wonder if just using flavor extract would suffice?

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