Soylent-altered Body Odor and Chlorophyll


I’ve been obtaining about 80-90% of my calories from Soylent for the past month, and biggest negative side-effect has been how it has changed my natural body odor. The problem is not that I now smell “worse” per se, but rather that now my girlfriend doesn’t like how I now smell, when she used to really love my natural body odor (pheromones I guess).

After doing some research she found that there are claims Chlorophyll supplements can be used as a natural internal deodorant, so I have started taking them. Too soon to tell if it has been effective, but I was wondering if anyone else has either had similar issues with pheromones being thrown off by soylent, or has tried Chlorophyll for any reason.

Two odd Soylent experiences

I tried a chlorophyll and mint supplement from Vitamin World (this one, specifically) and it actually worked really well in reducing body odor. I then tried a chlorophyll supplement from somewhere else (I don’t see it in my Amazon history, and it’s packed away right now as I’m in the process of moving) and it made no noticeable difference. So, yes, it can work, but some may be better than others.


I haven’t looked at chlorophyll as a deodorizer, but it might be possible that it was either the mint, or the combination with mint that made the reduction in body odor noticeable. I never would have though plant pigmentation could be used for such a cause.


I didn’t have much faith in it, but they threw it in for free with the other stuff I was buying so I tried it. Made a noticeable difference to me and to the girl I was dating at the time.


I recall a older thread with someone who was told by his girlfriend that he smelled more like “him” after starting on Soylent (diy i believe it was) I suppose she liked the smell of the old you more, but I can almost promis you that it’s not the pheromones that changed.


It seems like what she would mostly be smelling is the microbiome on your skin, and I can’t see how Soylent would affect that. (But I’m no biologist.)


It’s possible that it’s an emotional attachment to what she’s used to. My (now wife, then girlfriend) didn’t like the smell on my shirts (which she sometimes sleeps with at night) when I changed deodorant. It didn’t smell like what she had come to associate with me anymore. She’s used to it now. shrug


Gf keeps telling me my body odor has changed since I started drinking Soylent. She does not like the new smell, I thought she was crazy but maybe it has changed.


I too think that the gf’s stance on my smell is plausibly attributed to psychological factors not strictly physiological ones on my end, but as with most perceptual issues, if it is real in her head then it is for all intents and purposes real. Even if it is just psychological/emotional, I’m hoping that the act of taking the chlorophyl will have a placebo-like effect on her.


It’s a non-trivial issue–smell is a big part of what women find attractive about men, which is why you’ll find women sleeping with their boyfriends’ t-shirts while they’re away and the like.


A little more on the importance of smell- We are biologically wired to like and dislike certain smells, and they aren’t the same smells from person to person. This serves an evolutionary purpose- ever notice how your family members all stink? Might help to deter genetic issues caused by incest. Evolutionary biologists think that a large underlying cause of attraction is how a person smells, and specifically if a person smells different than we do. If your gf thinks you smell, its probably because you now smell kinda like she does. And if Soylent IS altering our body odors, that’s a bit of a problem in the romance department.


Seems the solution is simple. Get a new GF. Your health is more important than her olfactory biases.


I hope that post was worth the necro.


No, I haven’t… maybe your family members just have poor hygiene? :smile:

Is it really so upsetting to you that people respond to old posts? I hate the forum mentality of “DON’T MAKE NEW THREADS ON TOPICS WE ALREADY HAVE” combined with “NO NECROBUMPING!!!” It’s idiotic.


“Get a new GF” was well worth the almost year old bump, I’m sorry. Your post contributed a lot, as well. I have seen the light.


Haha, we actually did break up like a week after I started this topic.

In retrospect, the change in smell was more likely a result of my body detoxing, not Soylent actually changing my body odor.


Huh. So… That was actually a productive thread resuscitation. One more thing to add to ‘stuff you should know about Soylent transitions.’


So are you still on Soylent and how is your odor now? :pig:


I’m glad this got bumped, because ever since I started Soylent my body has been giving off this weird new smell whenever I get really overworked. I thought it was just because I’d never been super burned out before, and The Rank Sweat of Exertion is a nice indicator of when I should go lie down for a bit, but it’s weird to think it might just be Soylent messing with my BO. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Yes me too. I’m going to try the chlorophyll.