Soylent-altered Body Odor and Chlorophyll


I’m not sure what chlorophyll’s effect on iron is, but I have seen chlorophyll recommended by midwives for pregnant women with low iron and with unexpected bleeding after delivery. Since men don’t typically need as much iron in their diet and since I assume you are getting all the iron you need from Soylent, you might want to look to see if there is anything to this and find out if it will result in you consuming too much iron or something.


This is an interesting thread. There’s another thread about Soylent affecting body odor that you may be interested in, although it was a positive experience and it doesn’t delve into the why’s.


No GF to comment here. I have noticed it myself. I don’t like what I smell like now. My skin and my sweat have a different odor.


Did you consider that maybe someone in the future may read this thread and not care about the date of the posts even if they are years apart


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When a person googles a topic and a forum comes up, all the info in that thread is relevant, even if the posts are years apart. That thread is not just for the original posters, it’s for anyone who benefits from the info discussed in the thread. So stop complaining about people reviving old posts.


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OP here, amused at this thread revival. I largely agree, no harm in
reviving old threads if the info is still relevant. However, the Soylent
formula has gone through several iterations since I originally posted this,
so it’s conceivable that the effect on bo has changed.
FWIW, I’m back to a mostly soylent diet after 1.5 years off, and there was
again a shift in my body odor, although no gf at the moment to complain
about it.