Soylent alternative: Soylent vs MealSquares


A new startup that is aiming to ship nutritionally complete whole food based meal bars

Found a link to this earlier. There’s an ingredients list and nutrition info on the site.

“MealSquares are gluten free, 99% lactose free, and lacto-ovo vegetarian compatible. They are free of wheat, soy, corn, peanuts, artificial preservatives, and flavoring agents.”

I’m liking the use of whey as the protein source too.

The homepage is saying that a crowdfunding campaign is coming. So it’s probably going to be a while before we can try them. It seems promising though


Or if you want a real product that actually exists and is tasty with a similar name …


At a quick glance I have a few reasons to prefer the MealSquares:

-more of the micronutrients come from food sources
-more of the calories come from fat and protein
-the protein source is more bioavailable, it’s not based on rice or soy
-egg as the main ingredient. eggs are damn near the perfect food for humans AFAICT
-more potassium
-I prefer the carb source-- no maltodextrin, corn and gluten free (I wish the website you linked said what kind of maltodextrin they were using. I would be more able to say how much I liked the formula)

I can’t really argue with the doesn’t exist part though. I really hope this doesn’t turn out to be vaporware. Of the options currently on the market, the One Square Meal bar is better than most of the ones I’ve seen. So thanks for the link.


Took me a while to find this
If you wanted to try one


Been around for a while


Bit misleading though, on one bit it says it’s nutritionally complete then on another says you shouldn’t just eat it alone because it doesn’t have fish oils. But something like this I think would be more acceptable to a lot of people as it looks more like real food rather than just a bag of chemicals which will put a lot of people off soylent.


Also, contains milk but is 99% lactose free.

Still, very interesting product. It’s effectively solid soylent.


Lactose free milk I’m assuming


There is no such thing. Trust, I’ve looked.


I look forward to the variety of Soylentesk products coming our way, it will be interesting to try them out. Love the new market we’re seeing and the competition that is coming. Here is another Soylent copy in case you haven’t seen it yet…



Lactose-free milk is just normal milk with the lactase enzyme added in. Lactaid is a delivery method for lactase.

So lactose-free milk = milk + lactaid


It’s never lactose free. I always feel the effects of lactose from it.


I already make solid soylent myself in many forms.
I personally enjoy cooking, but I can see the appeal of a no-hassle complete nutrition bar that isn’t packed with sugar. Maybe I’ll start baking my own soylent cookies for distribution… :smile:
Personally, I need more variety than a single flavor, which is why I enjoy my neutral base. Just used it to make a mushroom, onion, and vegi-sausage pizza!

Is anyone else getting the impression that these are all people trying to preempt Rob and the gang? I’ve been looking at the links people are throwing out, but none of them seem to offer a real product yet - I can’t find a way to purchase any of this stuff with a guaranteed ship date.


I agree. I don’t think they should be allowed to call that product “Lactose Free Milk”. Instead it should be labelled something along the lines of “Lactase Enhanced Milk” but the common population is too damn stupid to know what that means.

Marketing to the common denominator, yay!


Thanks for the links! I’ll be watching the MealSquares as well!


Yeah, but it’s nearly twice as expensive.


Some people care far less about cost than nutrition. See: organic foods and the whole questionable science surrounding the Whole Foods phenomenon. People will plunk down cash for what they believe to be healthy.


I might too, if it were actually healthier… but the issue seems to be that it’s a bit questionable on that front, and certainly not an improvement over Soylent. Just chewier.