Soylent alternatives in Canada?

Now that Soylent is banned in Canada, what are the best alternatives that will ship to a Canadian address?

I haven’t tried either, but:

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There aren’t any very good ones.

Looks like Holfood are offering little sample packs now. That must have been a recent addition. I ordered one.

Wtf holy shit man, I hope it works out. Coffiest was perfect for B fast in the morning quickly dammit and helped me so much to loose weight and focus on calorie goals. I hope when I start working again they will be back…

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I really like Biolent Flex, and Biolent keto is pretty good too (haven’t tried the original). I personally like it much better than Soylent. It tastes better, mixes easier, keeps me full longer, gives me more macronutrient options and doesn’t leave my mouth with a fuck-ton of scummy mouth plaque like Soylent did.

Unfortunately, they are rebranding as Vital House and bring a huge price hike with it, making it not cost effective, especially since Biolent is already more expensive than Soylent. For example, Biolent Flex (the most expensive, protein-heavy option) costs $388.50 CAD for 56,000 Calories. The VitalHouse equivalent, Athlete Drink (currently the only Vital House product available), costs $698.25 USD (890.67 CAD) for 56,000 Calories. Even with the limit time 20% Biolent customer discount that they sent out via email it still costs $558.60 USD (712.54 CAD).

I don’t know about you, butI’m sure as shit not willing to shell out over $700 a month for 2000 Cal of daily food.

I’m thinking of trying Hol Food as it is still fairly reasonably priced, but I don’t like the macro balance it has (too many carbs vs fats for my diet plan) and only has a chocolate flavour option, which I know will get old fast even over a neutral or vanilla flavour. I suppose I could just mix less of it and add some flax seed or hemp hearts to rebalance the macros, but that is a pain in the ass and after trying Biolent keto for a month I know I don’t particularly care for flax seeds in my meal drinks.


Got you covered, though I need to take soylent off the list :frowning:


If Biolent is very expensive, I might try Hol Food. I am a little nervous through. I trust Soylent to get the nutritional science, health, and safety right, but I’m wary of these little companies. Should I be concerned? How similar is Hol Food’s formula and ingredients to Soylent’s?

Probably not. We’ve got loads of complete foods in Europe and they’re all great. Definitely worth a bit of research though.

Do any of them have high fat the way soylent did? I need those.

Have a look over here to compare macros for them all

(Slow page due to all the data and it doesn’t look great on mobile phones).

…edit: now looks fine on mobiles :slight_smile:

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You have a lot of alternatives:

Produced In Canada:

Shipping to Canada

Shameless Plug

I’m the founder of soylent-alternatives which is a simple website where you can compare all the soylent alternatives :slight_smile:


Update: I thought this reply deserved more work therefore I wrote an article going more in-depth -

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@soylent_alternatives God bless you. I am languishing here in the frozen North without a bottle or pitcher of sweet Soylent to grace my lips. Truly dark times have fallen since Soylent left these lands. I am malnourished and lapsed from vegetarianism. I have stooped so low as to order McDonalds delivery and most of the time I have no idea what to eat. I pray that Soylent will soon reach international markets… somehow.

Biolent has served as no substitute. I hope to try other varieties, but I am discouraged.