Soylent and alternatives around the world, part 1


Here’s our breakdown of the first six of currently visible commercial alternatives to Soylent:

Any feedback is welcome.

Part 2 coming soon!


This doesnt mean they shouldnt keep making the product better. But considering all the pros and cons i think Soylent is the best.

Pending furthur ‘looking into’ about that algae virus thing. I am sure there is no issue, but still it atleast needs to be looked into. Because i feel that unlike others the folks of Soylent care more about people’s health.


Really no need to worry about algae virus… from an industrially produced algea… of which the final product is a industrially produced oil… the virus would not be there in the first place… and even if it was, it would be dead after the oil was extracted.


That is only an educated guess. Sometimes educated guesses turn out to be true, Sometimes they dont. Virus can survive extreme environments. Thats why i said they should look into it. Other wise i wouldnt have cared. Maybe there wont be any virus after that production processes, but in order to know that for sure it needs to be looked into.


I agree it is my educated guess based on my level of understanding of biology and chemestry… Sure, to be safe I wouldn’t mind knowing if the algae used had any of the virus you are so worried about. But unless they were harvesting this algae directly from the sea, then the odds are so low of them being infected by the virus… that it would be even much more likely that you and me would be hit by lightning right now as we read/write this. While at the same time accidentally getting hit by a small meteor through the roof, after having won the lottery. (just saying) I have not been able to find any articles about viruses living in processed oils.I welcome you to finding something that would show it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine that you want to be worried, I am just saying that right now there is no reason to be worried at all about something like that. That being said, I would gladly like this post and crumble up, then eat it… if I was shown how wrong I was… sure there may be bacteria/fungus that can live in oils… but virus only live/muliply in other organisms cells.


A decent roundup.

Part 2 better include Custom Body Fuel!


thanks. sure it will!



I haven’t found the exact list of all ingredients, but the product website is full of information, so maybe it’s there somewhere

Pls. check this disclosure: "Why do I claim “100%FOOD” to be Organic?"
And you will find, that we do not add extra protein (no Soy, no Whey, no Rice) to 100%FOOD Organic and 100%FOOD Choco. All protein comes from Hemp seeds and Rice flour.

We add Non-GMO Soy Protein in Double Protein and Low Carb versions.

P.S. We have Economy bags as a package and use them for international orders to save on shipping.


Thanks for the feedback! As I said on reddit, I’m sincerely sorry for the misleading information about your product, I will correct them ASAP and mention it in another Errata article.

And thanks for the list of ingredients and the information on the protein and economy bags!


I got hit by lightning yesterday when i won the lottery and a meteor hit my head after that. :wink:

I too havent found any articles that show virus live in processed oils. But you know what that means right? means that there are no articles that show viruses live in processed oils. It doesnt necessarily mean viruses dont live in processed oils. :smiley:

Viruses only multiply in other organisms yes, but they can survive in extreme environments even if they cant multiply. So that kind of virus needs to be ruled out in this oil.