Soylent and alternatives around the world, part 2


As promised, here’s our breakdown of the next six commercial alternatives to Soylent:

The first part can be found here:

As before - any feedback is welcome and any incorrect statements will be fixed promptly!

Also, if you have any recommendations for part 3, please suggest them! We already have our eyes on KetoSoy and Uber Cookies.


Schmoylent too has high manganese and some other vitamins over the top. But let me add that axcho said he is working on reducing them.

Whats your beef with maltodextrin? Most of these kind of foods have it since they cannot even be made without it. And there are a lot of different kinds of maltodextrins with varying GI’s. I dont think it should be considered a ‘con’.

If say Soylent and schmoylent reduce maltodextrin they would have to increase the amount of other ingredients in it and that will shoot up the value of nutrients above 100 while also affecting texture/thickness and taste.


Actually axcho eliminated maltodextrin in the Schmoylent he sells already. Current recipe here. The older recipe still is out there for comparison here. The maltodextrin was replaced with rice flour.

Personally, I think the fear of maltodextrin is not entirely rational, but it exists all the same. Probably a smart move pulling it from Schmoylent to get some of the would-be Soylent users that refuse to consume maltodextrin.


Oops. I guess it can be made without maltodetrin. But i am sure the thickness and texture wont be the same as ones with maltodextrin. Same with nutrient levels.


Another big con of meal squares or for that matter any ‘baked’ meal replacements could be AGEs.


Thank you for the articles, it is pretty amazing how many of these alternatives have popped up so quickly.


Thanks for the info on the maltodextrin - you see, I’m no expert, just an enthusiast, so I’m happy to learn.

Apart from that, there are many recipes (at least the DIY ones) that do not use maltodextrin at all, and those who do usually don’t list what kind of maltodextrin they use. As I noticed that maltodextrin has a kind of “bad rap” in this community, I decided to list it as a con, though I certainly might be wrong.


thanks! didn’t know about AGEs either. I asked Romeo Stevens, the cofounder of MealSquares a question about AGEs based on your comment, and his response was

We’re experimenting with different cooking conditions and sending samples out to laboratories for assay.