Soylent and Anxiety


Hi everyone,
I’ve been experiencing anxiety symptoms after consuming my DIY Soylent in the past few days. I did a bit research and learned that high-glycemic carbohydrates can cause this. My daily recipe is using 75g of Maltodextrin, but the high glycemic index is being offset by 120g of whole oat powder.

In case you’re curious, my recipe can be found here:

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anxiety after consuming their DIY soylent? If so, was there something in particular that you changed to prevent it?


It seems like some people that have had headaches, etc while taking Soylent have remedied this by adding a banana. It might work for your anxiety as well.


Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll try that out. However, I’m wondering if it’s the Maltodextrin or even not related to Soylent at all. I was just curious if others have experienced the same symptoms or if it’s an isolated case.


if you try less maltodextrin in your recipe will you tell us if you feel better?


That’s quite a coincidence, I was just reading an interesting article about how your microbiome (gut bacteria) can have a major influence on your psychiatry. You having any pro-biotics with your soylent?


This morning when I woke up, I took note of my state. My heart rate felt normal and I didn’t have any jittery feeling. I went ahead and made the same recipe as I did yesterday, but this time without the Maltodextrin. Albeit my symptoms aren’t as severe as yesterday, I still feel jittery and have an elevated heart rate. Perhaps anxiety wasn’t the best word to describe what I felt, but those were the symptoms I was experiencing. Tomorrow I’m going to have a “normal” breakfast and truly determine if it’s my recipe that’s causing it or perhaps outside influences.

@airchie I was using Garden of Life Super Seed for my probiotic source, but not in my current recipe. Perhaps the fiber content could also offset the glycemic index?


In regards to offsetting the maltodextrin with oat powder, have you tried / been cooking or boiling your oat powder with your maltodextrin?


I am curious about this too. I’m on day 3 of my soylent trial and today after I consumed my lunch and supper drinks noticed an elevated heart rate, temperature and what I would describe as a bit like heartburn starting in my stomach- though not quite- with mild feelings of anxiousness. I haven’t had this the past 2 days at all, and nothing has changed in my recipe.

Our recipes are very close in nature, I am on a very slightly modified HackerSchool formula, so no malto and I am using potassium citrate, though in a much smaller quantity(3g).


I forgot to update this, but here it goes:

I took both the Maltodextrin and the Oat Powder out of my drink and experienced none of the symptoms. From experimenting with my drink in the past few days, I found it was a lack of fiber that was causing the symptoms for me. The fiber is supposed to help lower the overall glycemic load of the drink. I’m guessing since I didn’t have enough fiber in my drink, I was experiencing a “sugar rush”. Once I added a teaspoon (6g) of the ON Fitness Fiber, the symptoms described earlier went away when maltodextrin + oat powder were added back to my drink.

I hope that helps!


Thanks, that was quite helpful!

Sugar rush is on the top of my list, I tend to drink my meal rather quickly whereas my spouse sips on it for the better part of an hour or two. He is symptom free so far. I currently have added fiber from chia seeds(30g) and flax(25g) so there is some room for improvement.

I’m going to try adding additional flax tomorrow to see if I can get it to level out…


That explains how adding banana has helped some people- Each banana has about 3.1 grams of dietary fiber. (Not a lot of fiber, but just enough that it may help alleviate these symptoms in some people.)


I forgot to mention that I added a banana to my drink as well. I found that it helps the taste and consistency of the drink. Yay for the extra fiber too!


Cinnamon should help against the sugar spike as well besides tasting good (IMHO) :wink:


What you’re thinking are anxiety symptoms could actually be heartburn symptoms. I’ve been having this as well with my diy soylent, when I drink too much at once. When I drink it over many hours, I’m perfectly fine, but when I just slam a couple of glasses, I have heartburn symptoms that last about an hour.

I do love the energy, though. Wow!


I had considered heartburn and indigestion as I know they can be confused with hypertension or heart attack symptoms, but having suffered from heartburn for a number of years I remain convinced that this is not the case here.

Today I noticed that the amino acid profile for my whey has glutamine/glutamic acid listed at 17.2g per 100g, much higher than the typical 3.4g. Crystalised glutamic acid is MSG, which many people claim sensitivity to.

Walking back in time I made the switch to this powder roughly the same time my symptoms started, I did not see the connection since I was busy working out a dehydration issue…I’m off to the store to buy my old brand of protein and will report back with my highly unscientific drink and tell results!

Update 1 - So I switched back to the whey I had used previously and after consuming 1/3 of my daily batch I have had no noticeable side effects. The increased heart rate, anxiety and temperature rise are non-existent.

PVL Sport Whey - Vanilla, was the protein causing the issues and Whey Gourmet - Vanilla is the one that is non reactive for me. While there are minor differences in ingredients there is a significant difference in their amino acid profiles.

Note: The difference isn’t as large as I had thought as the Whey Gourmet value of 3.4g glutamic acid seems to be for a 30g serving.

If anyone else can see anything in those ingredients that I am missing which might cause this type of reaction I would love to hear your thoughts!