Soylent and bodly fluids


i wonder how the soylent affect the body.
like how does farts and fecies smell? is it like a nuclear burrito or cleaner and neutral.

and how does it affect the sex life. the oral taste of male and female ejaculation and fluids.

how does it affect body smell. does it get worse or neutral.
does ju smell worse ore better?

I’m surprised there’s almost nothing about this


There’s quite a lot about that. Review the forum, some online reviews and Rob’s blog.


not actually. the boards have a some that is not fully awnserd. i wonder from the beta testers and Soylent hacks. how different people experiens it


That’s the forum. What about the other two?



this is the ones i can find for the moment.
i fonder from a broader user base.
many everyone docent say the same.

and there is nothing on femail vaginal smell and taste different.


I’m on a DIY Soylent blend, but most of these results are similar to what others have reported.

I pee more – but I think I drink more water too. The pee is a lighter color. Somewhat bright yellow due to vitamin B intake, too.

Excrement is lighter in color, roughly every 2 days, and consistently a 4 on the Bristol scale.

Farts are still present, but less. They smell normal. (Note that they don’t smell at all if you don’t supplement Sulfur – but you do want to supplement sulfur or you run into trouble)

Body smell: Haven’t noticed anything, but never had much to start with.

Sex drive: Haven’t noticed a difference.


How have other people notised from when you used normal food. how is the quantity of poop? is it less, just the same or…

how does other people think your farts smell? worse, better or the same.