Soylent and bodybuilding


I’m an athlete and bodybuilder. How does soylent work if I want to gain muscle/lose fat? Is it easy to customize calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrates etc? I tend to eat high protein/fat and low carb. Is it possible to replace this with 90% of my meals?


Yes it will be easy to replace it. However I’m sure no one here has been on soylent long enough, to discern whether or not it negatively or positively affects their workout and subsequent growth.


I’ve actually asked a similar question, and the official response was that, while the initial formula will only have a male/female choice, they are planning on releasing some degree of customization and/or “specialized” blends later on down the road.

So if you want to customize your blend to have different ratios, you might have to stick with DIY for now. But it is something that should eventually make it to the official product.


Good to know, thanks for the responses.


I too received a similar official response, and I have since taken up my own DIY formula. You can check it out here

I’m finishing my first week of mostly soylent fueled training, and I feel fantastic. I’m following a strength training regime, and my soylent helps me get the extra calories quickly and easily. I doubt my soylent would be all that suitable for you (50 30 20, carbs, proteins, and fats) but you’re welcomed to play around with the numbers.

New user: DIY or 1.4 standard for bodybuilding / muscle gain?

You could always just add some extra protein powder in with your soylent.


@HarveyDesu had a recipe here that he was using for working out and gaining weight. Not sure what happened to it after a while.

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This is my 5th month on my recipe. I’ve been making tweaks to it pretty much the whole time, but I am pretty happy with it now.

The first month I dropped about 6% body fat, and lost no weight. I have pretty much stabalized on my weight and energy levels. This stuff is great for working out. Although I haven’t tried to put on weight yet. I will probably wait until the first of the year before I start lifting heavy again.
Being able to tailor my recipe to exactly what I need has been a tremendous help.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.


I saw the original recipe, 300 grams of protein is overkill. Studies have not found an advantage of going over 0.83g per pound of bodyweight. This is over many studies using atheletes, bodybuilders etc.

That much protein is going to create ammonia toxicity in the long run. Which is neurotoxic. If you’re bulking just add more fats/carbs.


That is not entirely correct. There is evidence that 1.2-1.7 grams of protein per lb of body weight is beneficial to athletes and very active individuals. Going over 2g/lb is considered problematic.

Below is the link to just one scientific publication explaining this (I read it in Ovid, but it can probably be found in Google Scholar), but that citation references a substantial body of research in support of the same conclusions.

Protein Requirements for Athletes
Coleman, Ellen MA, MPH, RD, CSSD
Clinical Nutrition INSIGHT
Issue: Volume 38(9), September 2012, p 1–3