Soylent and Coffee: Bad idea?

I’ve been mixing my soylent 2.0 with a little strong brewed coffee and some agave syrup for a delicious latte-like breakfast, but I know that caffeine is considered by some to be a diuretic, leading to quicker fluid loss. I was just wondering if that might influence the absorption of the nutrients in Soylent, i.e. could the coffee make the soylent go through me faster than the body can get everything it needs?
Any thoughts?

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I dislike coffee so I don’t do it, but I know many people who enjoy mixing the powdered version with coffee.
If your worried about fluids , I would simply increase your uptake by a bit or judge on how your body reacts.
I’ll look to see how much an effect coffee has on nutrition.
"In otherwise healthy people, the negative effects of caffeine on vitamin and mineral absorption are probably insignificant. Nevertheless, anyone concerned about bone health, including women who are worried about osteoporosis, may prefer to avoid drinking too many caffeinated beverages."


Something in coffee interferes with the absorption of iron. But citric acid cancels it out. Don’t know about other micronutrients. But on the bright side coffee is good for you.

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I blend my Soylent with instant coffee, stevia, water and ice every time I make it. I personally love it that way. But I’m still making my way through my over-supply of 1.4 and so I have to make it one serving at a time…pre-made pitchers are terribly slimy.

Caffeine is not actually a diuretic, despite it being such a popular myth. Also, a diuretic does not necessarily dehydrate you.

A diuretic is something that increases urinary output. Technically, water is a diuretic. Drinking water does not dehydrate you, despite increasing your urinary output. Alcohol is also a diuretic, but it’s a strong one that will cause you to really increase your urinary output, and it will leave you dehydrated.

Caffeine is not directly a diuretic - it has no direct impact on urinary output. However, if you consume an unaccustomed amount of caffeine, then, as a stimulant, it can cause enough of a spike in activity to increase your urinary output. This is the same increase in urinary output you’d expect if you simply forced yourself to increase your activity to the same level the caffeine did. So, in a weak and second-order way, caffeine might increase urinary output.

But notice that I said an “unaccustomed amount.” If you already consume caffeine daily to the tune of, say, two cups of coffee, you acclimate to that level of caffeine, and it has relatively little stimulant effect (although it’s still a mood enhancer.) So, in a daily drinker of coffee, the caffeine is not producing a diuretic effect at all. In studies that compared drinking coffee to drinking water among people who were regular coffee drinkers, both coffee and water increased urinary output to the same degree. This means that coffee is a diuretic because of the water content. Remember, water is a diuretic!

All this is a long way of saying: if you like coffee and you’re going to drink it, combining it with your Soylent is just fine.


Thanks for all the input you guys.
Weirdly, I don’t normally like coffee - but I’m loving coffee-flavoured soylent!