Soylent And Diabetes?


What about Soylent and diabetics? or other health issues? are there any harmful effects?

Is soylent effective for type 2 diabetes?
Can I use Soylent as a diabetic?

Several articles involving questions about it. I’m looking forward to it as ‘slow carbs’ to try and manage mine a little better, myself.


If you are diabetic, the official version of Soylent may well have too many carbs for you. It really depends on the medication you are on and how many carbs you can handle on a daily basis. The official version has 76 net carbs per serving. That was way too much for me so I cancelled my preorder.

I am on my first week of a DIY soylent and am a Type2 diabetic. So far the results have been very good. I am using a version of QuidNYC’s Ongoing Keto recipe to which I added milk and a banana. My recipe currently has 58g carbs per day.

Needless to say, I am testing often. The great thing about soylent is that I can modify the amount of carbs instantly. I added the banana because I realized I could handle the extra carbs and it would add some great flavor.

Of course, I am only on my first week so I might be in a honeymoon phase. I will creating another post to address the only issue I have at the moment, which is that I am actually pretty dang hungry!



Are you type 1 or 2? Was considering starting one of the DIYs myself, with the low carb type… I’m type 2, with ridiculously high sugar.


I am type 1
with really high sugars and insulin resistance


I’m not diabetic (yet) but am “pre-diabetic.” I found the DIY soylent People Chow as posted to be way too high in carbs. (53/17/30 - yowza) and so modified it to be 40/30/30 which leaves me incredibly sated for what I’ve eaten and so you might want to try a DIY soylent first, to have the opportunity to tweak it and see what you think of the ratios.

I think the ratio in the official Soylent is gonna be 50/20/30 which is still way too carb heavy for me, I’m sure. I might end up canceling my order until they do a 40/30/30 variant (or just keep doing the DIY) since that ratio is kinda horrible for me. I felt really hungry, tired after eating, kinda groggy. (Insulin reaction I’m guessing.)

I’d say for a diabetic person, a recipe like that is a recipe for disaster. But I am NOT a doctor, and my thoughts shouldn’t be construed as medical advice, now please initial here here and here and sign here to show that you understand this is not medical advice. ahem Sorry. Joke. But yeah, of course check with doc, but I’d say 50/20/30 isn’t right for a diabetic. It wasn’t right for me, because of the carb content.

Note that taking the DIY recipe to 40/30/30 means I’m spending 7.27/day not 5.08/day as I did when I was using the original recipe. My recipe is 2400 cal/day.


What do the ##/##/## mean?


That is the macro ratio, the percentage of calories from each macro. Generally you will get 4 calories for each gram of carbohydrate or protein, while you will get 9 calories from each gram of fat.

So for example, the below ratio on a 2000 calorie diet;

40% (carb) / 20% (protein) / 40% (fat)

Would yield;

800 calories from carbs / 400 calories from protein / 800 calories from fats


Ah, so. Thanks. Yeah, I think I need one of the lower ones. Was looking at the keto versions, in fact.


I’m not too concerned about Keto, but I found this calculator to be invaluable as it lays out the lower and upper maxes for protein and fats. Also has great info on weight loss. Right now, I’m at 10/20/70 which I’m trying for the next week.


I’m not really interested in a keto diet for itself, more for the less carbs / sugar thing. Let us know how that works for you?


Did you post anything else on your progress? Tx .


I have a 3 month blood test in June which I am looking forward to. This will not only show the results of my keto type diet, but also any other effects of my soylent diet. I will update once those results are in. I am particularly interested in what happens to my “perfect” cholesterol.


That’s why we use Soylent for the official stuff, and soylent for the DIY stuff.


I am sure that those new folks will be able to read. I clearly stated that I was on a DIY soylent. Don’t tell me what to do.


From the official Soylent blog:

The soylent community has established the protocol that Soylent refers to the our product, and soylent indicates a DIY or otherwise unofficial version.

Rob wrote that when announcing they were folding diy.soylent into the official site. Since you have apparently been hired as a Soylent spokesperson, I would recommend speaking to Rob about updating his own writings about how to deal with soylent.


Who is this “we” you are talking about? Do you work for Soylent? Are you one of their VC investors? No? So, you are just some guy being bossy to strangers and contradicting the founder of the company? Noted.

"I would just recommend that people reading this thread ignore you from now on and follow the real soylent blog. . . "


So will I and Sharkerty. Have a good one.


Are you Diabetic yourself? Or know someone who is? Maintaining control over diabetes is a completely individual experience. Anyone with Diabetes knows that what works for one person may not work for them. It requires constant trial and error and even then very few folks see consistent results. In other words, there can be no definitive “blog”, only shared experiences.

Did you actually read the entire thread? From my first post here…[quote=“sharkerty, post:3, topic:11741”]
I am on my first week of a DIY soylent and am a Type2 diabetic.

In reality, pointing noobs to that other thread and labeling it as “real” or “official” may do more harm than good. Not to worry though, Diabetics know to take one persons results with a grain of salt.