Soylent and Eating Disorders


I am looking forward to Soylent when it ships out in August due to the fact that I struggle with a not so typical eating disorder or sorts. Im not sure what to call it.
When I become depressed to the extreme extent, I loose my appetite and do not feel hunger, so I do not eat. The task of doing the mundane like cooking and preparing meals makes it even harder to get myself to eat on occasion.
I am a chef, and LOVE food, but my mood change prevents me from enjoying it.
Anyway, so when I get depressed, instead of over eating like most women, I under eat. And my depression is caused by lack of nutrition and activity, which Im obviously not getting because im in this viscous cycle of "dont eat because you feel awful, and you feel awful because you dont eat, and you cant be active because you have no energy to spare"
I am 5’2 and around 100 pounds, I look fine and healthy for my size, but any drop in weight is noticeable on my small frame. At my best I am 106, I have never been able to get any heavier, At my worst I am 90.
I am also a aspiring petite model, and it is often the misconception that us tiny girls have disorders due to our work, which is completely untrue in my case, but im sure you can imagine that it is hard to convince anyone otherwise.
This eating behavior was cultivated out of an abusive relationship where my partner controlled when I could eat. Mentally I am fine, its been years and I feel great, I never looked back and he got what was coming to him. But physically the behaviors remain. Or maybe they are mental, im not sure, the line is blurred.
I have used exercise and proper diet in the past to control my mood, and i was doing great for weeks until I slipped up by taking a week off from the gym, I slumped, then fell and have had a hard time getting back up to my usual happy self.

I am hoping Soylent will be something that can possibly help me undo years of psychological behaviors I have unwillingly cultivated.
Does anyone else happen to hope for something similar?


Soylent can feed you but I doubt it can cure you. Will you have the energy to prepare a shake? What will it do to you when your body has all the nutrients it needs but your stomach says it is not full? Won’t this reinforce the cycle?

Do enjoy Soylent but don’t expect any miracles. This is only a chemistry experiment.


No offence, but you need a psychiatrist rather than anything else. Sure, Soylent might help, but it’d be a work-around.


I’m going to add something to what I said: you’re not ok mentally. You don’t eat enough because your mind tells you not to.


Actually, part of the reason I’m so interested in Soylent is because both my partner and I have eating struggles. I’m not going to talk about their experience because I don’t have their permission, so I can only say what I hope for. Basically, I have completely fucked my metabolism and digestive system. I started purging when I was eleven and while I’m way better than I was when I was, say, sixteen…I still have a lot of issues. I’m hoping that, at the very least, Soylent can help me get the nutrition I need without causing me the physical pain eating normally does.
I love cooking as well, and plan on being a chef someday, but there’s a big difference between liking to cook and liking to eat. I think Soylent can be useful in getting nutrition even when actually “eating” is too difficult to do, because it’s much easier. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.


I don’t think anyone can say here how you are mentally coughruipachecocough, but as he also mentioned, this is a chemistry experiment. If you have access to a physician or doctor (which I know can be exorbitantly difficult in the US) that can watch your levels, definitely see what you can do about getting in contact with them.

Otherwise, treat it as any other experiment; be more aware how it’s having an effect on your mind and body, and see if it fills the niche you need.

I would also keep in mind that the current formula is primarily for an ‘average’ male physique (see: rob & co), so you might not need as many calories, but also may need more of other nutrients (eg: iron).


There are currently 2 formulas one for men and one for women.


I would suggest fixing your eating disorder before jumping into Soylent. From my experience, it is better to resolve issues before introducing massive change. It kind of sounds like you are thinking of Soylent as you would medication. Soylent may help, but clearly food is not the solution here and it can do more harm projecting a temporary fix and masking the underlying issue. Similar to relationships, a new boyfriend may help you be happy, but surely will not cure your eating issue when you are unhappy. Health in general is a great enabler of happiness but only goes so far. This is in your head and should be dealt with as such. Figure out what is making you unhappy and/or how to eat normally regardless of your emotional state.


Oh and try not to beat yourself up too much. We all have disorders and suffer from the experience that is being human. You can make this better and I am sure that you will. Just focus on the right area which is the head and not the stomach. Cheers and good luck.


Well, in the other hand, if the scheme: depressed - not eating - not nourished, lacking energy - depressed - [start over] is real, then occasional Soylent might help breaking out of it.
Note: it MIGHT help with the symptom, but it most likely won’t deal with the cause. You DO need a psychiatric treatment.


Jessie, I do know that some with severe eating disorder will drink what is essentially a prepackaged protein drink. I used to date some one who had a severe eating disorder. She had cans of this stuff as she could handle drinking it vs food. I have no idea if she is alive today. One way to look at this is that you might be fine mentally because you are… but when severe trauma occurs as perhaps it happened in your relationship, a part of you fractures off and stays in the past. The mind is not one “YOU”. So even though you are not consciously aware of that fractures self, it still exerts control and influence. Practice self love and compassion toward that fractured part and forgiveness. That’s my 2 cents for what it is worth…


Haha. Ok people. I should have mentioned that I have sought help in the past, This incident was 5 years ago, and I have tried medications, meditation, exercise, etc…
I did not say I expected Soylent to be a miracle, I said I HOPED it could help me. After trying so many things I am essentially looking for something that can help the rest of the healing process and break my long time habit.

People can change and get better, perpetuating the stigma that they usually dont and have to jump through all these hoops, only solidifies that people wont succeed.
Some are more resilient to terrible fucked up childhoods and relationships, everyone deals with these things differently. I do not like to brag, but I will say I have often surprised people after they are made aware all I have been through. No one understands how you can go on and still be an amazing caring person, I do not understand why they think that way.
I have been evaluated many times, and I am told that mentally I am doing surprisingly well, all I need to do is break this habit I have cultivated.

As I stated before, when I was active and eating healthy, my mental status was the best it has ever been, which leads me to believe that the main reason for my current struggle is lack of nutrients and healthy lifestyle. Depression is essentially a lack of chemicals or over production of chemicals in the brain. I have a great life right now and no other reason to be unhappy.

So again I will say this. Soylent is not my miracle cure im looking for. I just Hope it can help on those harder days.



Yes I very much view this as a chemistry experiment. I have been on a cocktail of drugs which are essentially experiments, I am aware of the fact I should keep track of mental and physical change. I am well versed in this.


I kind of wanted to avoid responding to this post as I did not want to offend anyone, but I think I figured out a way not to.

While I believe that you need to find a resolution to your habit I can at least provide my experience thus far and how it may help you.
The one thing that I really really like about Soylent so far is that I have a steady amount of energy, it doesn’t dip and it doesn’t spike. Even during my workouts the energy has been constant.

You could possibly use Soylent as a crutch to get you through the day, or to try and bounce back from low days, but a crutch is not a fix.
But I would say give it a try and see how it goes.


That is a response I can agree with and it was my initial intention.


I am done with this topic honestly, is there a way to just delete it or do I just turn off notifications and cease replies?


Deleted my old post, nothing bad in there just it can be a sensitive topic.

Anyway, for what its worth, I have some similar issues, and Soylent for me is intended to be simply a way to get decent nutrition when I feel like crap. Part of the appeal is being able to cook up a bunch of meals when I feel ok (and in theory with solyent, this can be a lot of meals) for easy use later.

My only advice would be to play it safe and perhaps start with a fairly neutral ‘calories’ version (fat, protein, carb). Take a multivitamin daily, drink the replacement when you would have just skipped the meal, and eat normally when you can. This would seem to me to be an overall improvement.


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The best thing about Soylent is that it can meet specific needs. For example food allergies / intolerance that lead to malnutrition, mood swings or overall bad health. But so far it doesn’t cater to that unfortunately. So unless you are a little scientist yourself, that enjoys calculating what I needs and modifying the matrix formula, it misses out Massively on that added value! I hope @rob & Co realize soon that before ending world hunger, their formula can improve so many lives affected by food issues… For example, I’m working with an autistic child that is very fussy when it comes to food, making it difficult to control his condition (as gluten and diary is proven to make them more nervous and worsen their condition). It would me wonderful to nurture him in a safe way!


Sorry for posting to a stale thread but I just stumbled across this and wanted to add something.

JessySihk, I’m not nearly as sure as other people that you have an eating disorder, much less that you are crazy. I am the same way. When I’m depressed, I don’t eat. Thankfully I have never suffered from clinical depression, but there have been times when I was so upset over things in my life that I would lose all interest in food. The worst was when I was young and dumped by a girl; I couldn’t bring myself to eat for two weeks and lost 20 pounds (I was skinny to begin with, that put me into skeletal territory). I had no hunger and little weakness during this time, and once I started to get over being dumped my appetite returned and I was back up to my normal weight within a few months.

Everybody reacts to stress and depression (clinical or no) differently. Some people eat, some stop eating. While the depression could be a serious issue (you know this better than I do), for people to say you’re crazy because you stop eating when you’re depressed is pretty obnoxious I think.