Soylent and Exercise Recovery


I’ve heard reports that Soylent reduces the time taken to recover from exercise.

Anyone else experience this? Could I add more exercise to the week, based on this phenomena?


I’ve been using my DIYLent (Hackerschool) as a pre and post workout. When I wake up I drink half my morning serving, then I drink a full serving after my workout. I will take a half serving for lunch and then a full serving for dinner putting me at my allowances for the day.

In each serving there are 32g of protein as well as a complete amino acid profile. You will be hard pressed finding protein powders that have that level without costing 2 or more dollars a serving.

I have noticed positive changes since using this Lent and it is attributed to my body functioning on a much better level than it would have on my older diet. What you eat is just as important as the time you put in at the gym, so what you are experiencing is indeed real.


This thread hasn’t been used in a while, but it seemed to be the appropriate place to post this. I’ve been using the official Soylent for just over a week now. I’ve started going back to the gym recently after a one month hiatus, and I ave noticed that my recovery time is drastically reduced. This didn’t seem to be so much due to the fact that I’d been having Soylent before the workout, but more so because I drank it post exercise like a post workout drink/gatorade type deal. I had about 4-6oz about 5 mins after my workout and within just a few mins I was feeling much less fatigued and my head was much clearer.