Soylent and exkrement


Hi i have used my own diy soylent for 7 days, and i have notised that i have started to poop les as the old “shit” came out; but also my poop has turned in to SOYLENT yellow?!
(i am only eating soylent)

is this normal, has anyone had that happen to anyone? my farts are a little bit more smelly time to time and sometimes not so smelly at all.


There have been a few places that do mention the same about what your asking about. The most detailed is:

Arstechnica has a ‘poop’ log, and uses different food dyes logs the color change of his stool. He also talks about the smell of his gas (usually smellier from sulfur).

So yes, it is normal, though I don’t think there is any in depth study of poop color change or smell of farts.


i think the gas is from the MSM pulver, but i wonder i can’t be the only one with a 100% DIY.Soylent test.

My recipe:

300g Roled oats (powderd in a coffy grinder)
135g Maltodextrin
150g Whey
80g rapeseed/olive Oil
6g MSM
9g Mineral salt
3pill Omega 3 70%
2g Cholin Biterate
4pill vitamins and minerals