Soylent and Fasting - Concentrating Soylent?


I’ve been on Soylent for over a month. I have had the gas issues, but not much else. Happy with the role it has in my life.

Ramadan begins on Saturday and I will be fasting for the 30 days, no water or food, sunrise to sunset. In my part of the world that means no food from about 3AM to 9:30PM.

I think it is highly unlikely that I’ll be able to consume 2L of Soylent in that time. My question is do you think there would be any adverse effects (other than taste) of reducing the water content in half? That will make it a lot easier to consume the calories I need, and leave me space to have plain water rather than just Soylent.



From everything I’ve seen, consistency is more of a personal preference. If you can get it down in thicker form, it’s probably okay. But you should still drink lots of water during your window so you don’t get dehydrated over the course of the fasting day! Though I’m sure you already know that.


I agree with @qgroff. You can add as much or as little water as you want.

Another thing you could try is baking the Soylent into brownies, waffles, or cookies to eat at night.


Waffles sounds like a great idea! Thanks.


Do make sure you drink enough water before sunup. It’s easy enough to get dehydrated even drinking Soylent at regular dilution, so make sure you’re tracking that you’re getting the right amount of water on the side, since you won’t be able to have more water for such a long time if you’ve miscalculated. (Better a bit too much water than too little!)


I actually got pretty sick trying to drink soylent in too concentrated form and definitely wouldn’t recommend this. Consuming the same volume that you would at the 2L volume will increase your glycemic load considerably.


My Soylent Cookie Dough experiment turned out great. At only two SK-scoops of water, it’s pretty dense.

That being said, I’d echo the same concerns about concentration. I found myself only eating one or two spoonfuls of at a time - I feel like it would have been very uncomfortable to try to force more.


Thanks man! I guess I’ll try some sort of combination.

In prior years, my morning meal has been a bowl of cereal, greek yogurt with fruit, and some cheese and crackers. My evening meal on weekdays was usually a vegetable and fruit protein smoothie followed by roast chicken or a steak.