Soylent and Fatty Liver

Really? What does your body burn for energy then? And please link to your sources.

I get 95+% of my energy from non-carb sources. This includes fat, protein and plenty of alcohol. Carbs are the least of my fuel sources.

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The article was referring to people on a normal, healthy diet, not those who voluntarily induce ketosis in order to lose weight.

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So? The body uses whatever you give it for a fuel source. You don’t have to go to ketosis to run your body on mostly non-carb sources. A non-keto low-carb diet could be 25% carbs, making carbs no longer a “main fuel source”. It doesn’t even prefer carbs as a fuel source. It’ll burn alcohol for energy before everything else.

Depends on your definition of “a main fuel source”. 25% sounds like a high percentage to me.

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Isn’t that a bit like someone claiming their body’s metabolism only burns carbs and fats, and doesn’t burn alcohol at all… before mentioning that they don’t drink alcohol?

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OK, take a look at this study - funded by NuSI, performed in the best possible way, and it pretty much shoots down the low-carb / insulin hypothesis for making a difference, metabolically.

This is a pre-publication presentation; it’ll be published this year.


If you want to claim carbs are your main fuel source, go for it, you could be telling the truth. Just don’t tell me that “your body uses carbohydrates as its main fuel source.” Mine doesn’t. Nor is it true for millions of other people that don’t eat lots of carbs.

Let’s look at Soylent 2.0.

Carbs: 33%
Fat: 47%
Protein: 20%

What is the “main fuel source” in Soylent 2.0?

Hate to burst your bubble but even on a ketogenic diet your body is still running on carbs.

So yeah, carbs are your body’s preferred fule source even if it is not your major calorie source.

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The article is talking about dietary carbs. Not some after metabolism result.

your body can use ketones as a primary fuel


The bottom line is that there is no requirement for dietary carbohydrate

Another good point. Thanks for the link.

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I just find it amusing that ketogenic diet people completely gloss over the fact that their bodies will literally make its own carbs (making carbs a nonessential part of the diet) when it can’t get enough from their diet. Then claim that carbs are not the body’s preferred fule source. If it’s not the main and preferred fule source then why does it go through the trouble of making its own?

Because we’re talking about diets, i.e. what needs to be eaten. The original article is implying you need to eat “between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates a day.”

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I strongly disagree with the article and your assertion that carbs are not the body’s main and preferred fule source. I completely agree that carbs are a nonessential part of the diet but they are essential for life. Carbs are your body’s main fule source even if they are not its main calorie source.

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Fat doesn’t get turned into “carbs”. It gets turned into glucose. So don’t say carbs when you really mean glucose.

Glucose is a carb.


But not all carbs are glucose. Calling the wrong thing is intentionally misleading.

I was not calling it the wrong thing. Your body runs on glucose. Glucose is a carb. Therefore your body runs on carbs as its main and preferred fule source.

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Dietary fiber are carbs too, and they’re not a fuel. Don’t call it carbs. It’s glucose.

Glucose is a carb. :laughing: Your body’s main and preferred fule source.

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Seriously, you don’t want people calling a carb a carb? That’s like someone insisting you not refer to their car as a car and instead refer to it by the specific model. “No this isn’t a Ford Focus. It’s a 2012 Ford Focus S. Don’t call it a Ford Focus!!”