Soylent and food addiction


Ok, I know this has been mentioned a few times on the forum, but it was never directly addressed and was pre-release. Food addiction. It is a thing, and I’ve experienced it personally. I at one point tried (somewhat successfully) to lose weight. Of course, that meant cutting out most of the unneeded sugars. I began to notice that I’d really want a candy bar for then next week to month, but after that, I could mostly ignore the stuff. Eat anything sweet again, like cake at a party, and it would all come back and the week or month of craving would begin again.

Now my question. It hasn’t been very long yet, but have any of the people on Soylent 1 been noticing a craving curve? If so, how is it “formatted”? Is it the week and gone like I had, or was it more like the opposite, where you didn’t notice at first, and then the cravings set in?

For those who haven’t gotten Soylent, how do you think Soylent will effect food cravings? Will being able to identify cravings help us avoid them and learn more about our personal nutri/bio/neural-chemistry or will it intensify the cravings when we break off from pure soylent diets? Actually, those who have gotten Soylent should discuss that too.

I can say now that because you know you have an addictive effect to something, doesn’t always mean you can avoid it better, especially when you are stressed and there just happens to be a staff birthday party with cake and soda and…

EDIT 1: A new idea has been brought up thanks to @unsynchronized. If Soylent resets the cravings of the body, does it also change the senses and current perceptions. That is, could it reset fruits to being sweet for someone who has lived off candy their live and, furthermore, could this effect be used to reset the tastes of those who need extremely flavored diets?


While I can’t answer yet for how this will be effected by Soylent, I can speculate based on my experience with DIY over the past four months. I am assuming the effects will align.

I found my cravings had disappeared within a couple of days. I was shocked actually how quickly they did go away, the things I have craved for years, I suddenly didn’t. I would occasionally binge pre-soylent, but not after starting DIY, just no more need. I have noticed that if I stop eating soylent for a couple of days the cravings return, but once I start on my DIY again they go away. Also, I should note that I am about 80-90% soylent, those days where I do eat muggle food along with my mix are not an issue, and I don’t have cravings return, it’s only when I’ve been off the mix for a couple of days that they come back.

As to the piece of cake at a birthday party… I had one at a birthday yesterday with no issue. So enjoy.


Tagging @vanclute because he’s experienced some of this. For him, he doesn’t have as many cravings as before.


Speaking from experience, I’ve been yoyo-ing on and off of soylent due to family occassions, holidays, and the like.
I find that when I am on soylent for a couple days, much of my food addiction tends to subside pretty readily. I’ve built in caloric overhead for snacking into my recipe, but if I have different batches in a variety of flavors I’m generally pretty content to stick with my soylent. I feel better, less food-fidgety, and clearer headed when it comes to making decisions even with muggle food.

Right now I need to purchase more oat flour so I can get “back on the wagon.”


It just occurred to me that the description of what it’s like when you are on Soylent (satisfied, feeling good etc), and when you go off (Cravings, not feeling good, etc) has the same characteristics to addictive substances. I wonder if Soylent is addictive? Do you ever crave Soylent when off of it or do you simply crave other comfort foods from the past?


one odd thing i have noticed is that when i first started my diy, it tasted bland, so i’d add flavour.
i don’t do that anymore, in fact i sometimes wonder if i have messed up the proportions of things, because to me, now it tastes super sweet.
and if i do happen to have something with sugar in it, it’s like i have eaten something crazily dosed with sugar. i can’t have much more than a quarter of a can of soda any more. i rarely do, for that reason. i used to live off the stuff.


from my DIY experience and from some others’ experiences i have read…the cravings go away…had some cravings early on…realized i was just craving salt…when i added…was better…

I aim for 100% soylent…i notice that when i DO have some normal food (no due to cravings…just cause its the weekend or mom made something special)…then i have cravings later that day and into the next day…

its like normal food has some addictive substance in it and when i get some i start wanting more…but then when i go back to all soylent and a day later…the cravings go away.


It seems like Soylent might be a bit of a metabolic ‘reset’ button. It removes cravings by equalizing what you need but the ‘settings’ can be knocked back with a steady normal diet again.

This reset idea brings up another idea though. How many people have noticed that their tastes become changed? @unsynchronized noted that sugars have become more intense, which makes sense since we are overloaded with sugar. Fruits are no longer sweet candies and deserts as they traditionally were, but almost on the same level as grains for some in modern society. Can Soylent, rather quickly, reset the taste sense of the human body?


I have absolutely noticed this, no question about it. Everything is more intense - including Soylent. All sweet is sweeter, all salty is saltier, all grains are grainier, etc. It’s really very remarkable. Frankly even water tastes different to me!

I wouldn’t say I crave Soylent at all, other than just logically knowing that I have it and how good it is for me, so I look forward to it in that regard. But I don’t crave it the way I do with normal food. With Soylent, I drink some and then fairly quickly, I just feel “done”. I don’t need anymore, so I don’t have anymore. Seems so simple but somehow the opposite happens with regular food. I have some, and want more even if I’m not hungry any more.

That being said however, I’ve definitely noticed that I have a distinct awareness of this phenomenon when it’s happening, and an ability to simply decide to not have more, even though I can feel the sensation of wanting more. It’s really quite startling, and so incredibly clear when it’s happening. I’ve never been conscious of any of this before, so it’s really been pretty shocking.

So far every time I’ve consumed regular food since starting Soylent, I’ve eaten it pretty much as fast as I could. With every bite, I just wanted another. If one had issues with portion control, I can really see where one could get into serious trouble with normal food. I’ve never struggled with overt food addiction, morbid obesity, etc. personally but I’m starting to really see how it can happen.

So yes, I would agree from my experience that Soylent has absolutely done some kind of reset to my sense of taste and also to my appetite and sense of hunger overall. I would never have guessed this would have happened this quickly - if at all - had you asked me about it a week ago. My other half has similar observations, and has been gradually phasing out her routine normal foods. Every time she does eat normally, she’s noted that everything is stronger… sweet, spicy, grainy, you name it. It’s all just turned up to 11.


I bought into Soylent as it looks to be an ideal way to combat food addiction. Give the body what it needs, and it won’t crave the things it doesn’t need. Doing all this while maintaining caloric sanity seems a surefure way to improve health and lose weight, while improving the functioning of one’s body due to no deprivation of required vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, with the latest information coming out of Soylent regarding Canadian availability, it appears that us non-Americans who’ve already paid will be forced to find another route to combat food addiction, at least until the end of the year (and probably much of 2015 as well). I just hope that the folks who truly need Soylent to improve their health are around to try it when those in the US have had their fill…


@foodaddict There are companies that re-ship from the US to Canada. You might want to give them a try if you’d like to get Soylent sooner.


the latter, I don’t specifically crave soylent. For instance, last night I totally pigged out on the chinese food my mother brought over for dinner after feeling like I wouldn’t be able to eat at all after a light soylent snack mid morning.


With Soylent and Palcohol, my life will be complete.


I have noticed that for me, given the choice between existing food / snacks, I will reach for Soylent, even over Pizza. At first I attributed this to convenience, but even when the regular food is as easily accessible, or even more easily, than Soylent, I will select it.

If anything, around mealtimes I’ll crave Soylent. I am not sure if this is just some sort of placebo or if instinctively I am choosing it as a more complete nutritional source. The Soylent craving has replaced anything I used to feel for standard food with the exception of a salt craving satisfied by tortilla chips every week or so.