Soylent and frequent blood donation


Over the past few months I have been donating blood at the local Red Cross as frequently as they will let me. This past donation my hemoglobin level was 12.4g/dL and therefore below the minimum of 12.5g/dL for donation. This is because of the rate of donation and NOT Soylent’s fault by any means. According to the Red Cross each unit of blood donated removes 220-250 mg of iron and that frequent donors should take up to 38 mg of iron a day to replenish lost stores. This is about double the amount of iron that is in Soylent.

Frequent blood donors for whole blood (1 unit/donation) and double red cells (2 units/donation) are:
Women 16- to 50-years-old who donate 2 or more units a year
Women older than 50 who donate 3 or more units a year
Men who donate 3 or more units a year


You could donate some extra copies of Blood and Blood 2: The Chosen to make up for it.