Soylent and Glucosamine ?


Hey all,

Wondering what your thoughts where on adding Glucosamine to the Soylent mix ? Actually, step back from that … is there a reason why Glucosamine isnt in the Soylent mix as it is ? Apologies if this has already come up in discussion. I did a search of the forums and didnt find any info!

Looking at it though. Im not sure that there is 100% concrete evidence that taking a Glucosamine supplement is beneficial or not. So I might have just answered my own question.

But … have been reading some articles online about it (there are about 3.8 million online articles regarding Glucosamine), and it seems that it is naturally produced by the body. When you get older, the less Glucosamine the body produces and can add to the likelyhood of Osteoarthritis (among other things … apparently). I guess my thinking behind it is, if it is naturally produced by the body. And its production gets less and less and you get older, would it then be labelled as essential ?

Thought i would throw it out there is all !



Andecdotal, but: I’ve seen glucosamine work wonders in a dog.

I keep meaning to try it out for myself (bad knees) but haven’t. I’d love to see glucosamine-enriched soylent-variant that can be added to the formula based on age or perceived need.