Soylent and gout? Concerns over fish oil


Hi all,

I’ve been lurking waiting for Soylent to move into it’s production stages and I was just reading over the inclusion of a great quantity of fish oil. In the past fish oil causes a very rapid (fewer than 6 hours) increase in pain in my gout affected areas. Has anyone with gout tried soylent with or without fish oil? What have been your results?

For so many reasons Soylent is an appealing solution to nutrition but this particular component has me questioning its validity as a solution.


I don’t have gout, but if its just the fish oil that causes the problems then it should be safe to try Soylent without fish oil a week at a time, right?


I’ve had similar concerns in starting Soylent. But from what I understand after talking to an athritis specialist Doc, what they said is that the purines in Fish come from the actual meat, not the oil, especially if the oil has been highly purified/molecularly distilled. This particular doctor recommended everyone, even those who are prone to gout, still consume 2,000mg per day of DHA and EPA (both found in high volume in fish oil).

So for what its worth, at least one doc (in my experience) says it shouldn’t be an issue. I think it still leaves the fundamental issue of how the oil we use for Soylent is processed in order to really know purine levels.

Edit: And with the move in the 1.2 formula to algal-derived DHA and EPA, no more fish is involved at all.


mentioned earlier, but soylent no longer contains fish oil. If you find the new blend with alagal oil causes the same problems, you can easily switch it for a different source of fats that your body responds more positively to.