Soylent and headaches

Is anyone else experiencing headaches with Soylent? I just started yesterday and I’ve been drinking plenty of water, I believe. I have had headaches with carb withdrawal before, so I thought that might be it, but usually it doesn’t happen so soon. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening? Could this also have to do with salt intake? I didn’t add any extra. Maybe I should.

Could easily be the potassium, if you weren’t getting a full dose before suddenly adding in the RDA can give severe headaches. To avoid it you can gradually increase your potassium over several days, maybe a week.


Thanks so much! I didn’t even think about that. Honestly, I probably never got enough potassium. I’m suddenly really dizzy right now too, so I’ll try that.

You should start feeling better the headaches shouldn’t last long.

I experienced the same thing. Started drinking Soylent on Saturday. Sunday I got hit with a massive headache. Between the Soylent and all the other water I should have been plenty hydrated. Hoping you guys are right and it’s not a persistent problem cause boy did it suck.

So last night my headache got much worse and I ended up sick in the middle of the night. I drank a little but of water with a pinch of salt and went back to bed. When I woke up a few hours later my headache was better and I didn’t feel quite so sick. I took some excedrin this morning and my headache is finally starting to go away. I also drank some Soylent and the nausea is stating to dissipate a little. I have been pretty thirsty all morning which I think is because of the water with salt last night but the whole night I felt hungover. I’m starting to wonder if my body had trouble absorbing all the water I drank so I’m going to add a little salt to my Soylent for the day and see what happens. If the headache still comes on I am hoping it’s just my body getting healthier (maybe detoxing) and that in a couple of days it will be gone. I just don’t want to get sick like last night. It was awful.

yesterday was my first day. im doing 100% soylent. I woke this morning with a headache also. Not sure if it was related to a storm came through. i sometimes get a headache when a rain storm comes…

keep us informed and I will do the same.

I started eating Soylent yesterday, and have definitely been experiencing some lightheadedness, as well as my usual “too many carbs” reaction. It’s similar to what I experienced on People Chow, but at that point the biggest culprit seemed to be the masa harina I was using - probably some preservatives I may be sensitive to. However, I experienced a milder form of the reaction from the GNC Mega Men Sport as well.

I don’t think the issue for me is potassium, as I don’t have this issue in my own DIY if I use gluten-free oat flour instead of masa harina.

Talking with a friend of mine, he thinks that sucralose has that affect on him, so I’m wondering if I may be sensitive to sucralose. GNC Mega Men Sport definitely has it, and Soylent has a very noticeable (to my taste buds) amount as well. I’m experimenting with a Soylent-imitation recipe without sucralose (with stevia instead) and I’ll see if I do better on that…

If so, I will definitely be selling it. :wink:

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Well if this is true then I am going to be very sad and will end up selling my Soylent. I’ll give it a few more days and then take a break if I’m still having the same issues.

I’ll be giving it the rest of the week before I draw any conclusions.

But I’ll let you know if I can avoid these symptoms using stevia in my custom recipe. It would be good to know if sucralose is really the culprit…

So yesterday by the end of the day I had only a very slight headache. I did add more salt so I’m not sure if that was the reason or if my body is just getting used to the change in nutrition (I am not usually a very healthy eater). But last night was no where near as bad as the first night. However, I still don’t feel completely normal and part of this May be that I only drink about 1300 calories a day so I may have to up that. I did wake up with a small headache so tomorrow hopefully I won’t have one at all.

It’s like a workout just stick with it and you’ll be amazing at the results!

“Stick through it” is terrible advice.

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I would recommend upping the calories a little bit. The rule of thumb is that, when trying to lose weight, women should get at least 1200 calories, and men should get at least 1500. (I’ve lived on less than 1200, but it required vitamin supplementation.)

I’m throwing a little salt in the water I’m drinking with my Soylent, to try to stave off the headaches. I don’t get high blood pressure from sodium, but I DO get pretty sick when it’s too low. Thanks for the reminder!

Day 1 and not feeling great. Headache and nausea. Soylent makes me thirsty, so I’m drinking more water than I normally do, which makes me feel a bit bloated. I hope this “adjustment period” is brief.

I only had headaches the first couple of days, and thankfully haven’t had them since (today is Day #6 being on Soylent for me). I did have one night in the beginning where the headache was so bad it woke me up in the middle of the night. I just popped a couple of Advil and went back to sleep, and the headache was gone in the morning. The first couple of days waking up after starting Soylent, I felt a little nauseous but the feeling only lasted about 10 minutes or so. Haven’t had that since, either. I’m still extremely gassy, and I do feel a bit bloated at times, but I’m hoping those 2 are connected and will both go away soon. Now I’m in the habit of pouring myself a glass of Soylent and a glass of water at the same time. I’ll take a sip of Soylent, then water to get rid of the grittiness. I’m definitely drinking a lot more water than I used to!

From my own experience and what I have heard, you need to be well-hydrated on Soylent, DIY or not.

Soylent has a proper balance of nutrients, and both potassium and sodium demand that you consume plenty of water. Your body can easily eliminate excess water, but consume potassium or sodium with insufficient water and you will have problems.

I mix two quarts/liters of Soylent because that is what my pitcher holds. However, I easily consume another two quarts per day on top of that and do not have adverse symptoms due to the sodium or potassium.

As others have mentioned, your first few days adjusting to Soylent may be rough even with enough water. Your body is probably not used to a liquid diet and it will complain until it realizes that different is good.

I can go two weeks on regular food and my body will remember Soylent if I go cold turkey back to 100% liquid: but my body remembers and can adjust. When I was new to Soylent, the whole first week was literally hell.

Honestly, I think the People Chow helps too. The masa makes it like drinking ground up tortillas, so while my mouth does not chew, my stomach is thinking “yay, Taco Bell!”


Well, I’m sorry most people complaining are unhealthy… Maybe if they took better care of their body they wouldn’t have such bad side affects.

I’ve only consumed water for the past 7 years and have never ate any unhealthy foods and have had %100 Soylent so far with 0 side effects.

My family are health freaks and when growing up never had bad food.

Whoa, watch it with those ungrounded assertions there. I came to Soylent and DIY from a very healthy Paleo diet, lots of exercise, no bad stuff. Some of us just have a lot of allergies and other sensitive nonsense to deal with. This is not an issue of morality.


Have to agree with axcho on this… after some quick reading… there are actually people who are allergic to some of the ingredients in soylent… for an example…and this post

It’s only a small portion of people who have these reactions… but it’s still valid when they do… that doesn’t mean there are other causes such as “bad nutrition” before soylent, and that the body simply needs to adapt… but in some cases… soylent might simply not be compatible with their allergies to those artifical sweetners. :confused: