Soylent and hypothetical longevity


So i thought that we live longer because we have better food and less malnutrition in the society.

So if Soylent is almost the most perfect food you can eat. geting all nutrition everyday and it being complete, containing almost no poisons and impurities of bad chemicals that we don’t know what they do.

Not geting to much of salt, calories, vitamins and minerals etc.
And the fact that giving the body what it needs prevents biological damages to occur because of the shortage of some nutritions.

would it not realistically make people eating soylent and training in a majority start to live at the biological limit and geting as old as humans can actually become with out medical intervention.
and would not the possibility of geting Biological immortality be quite realistic and in our life time?

could we expect to live for a couple of 100 years more then today compared to mule eaters?


Catch em young, teach em tricks.

I suspect for this to be the case, you would need to start with a healthy, well nourished young adult, and ensure they don’t just sit on the couch playing Xbox for 60 years.

On the other hand, “working someone to death”, regardless of their diet may be a good way to ensure they don’t live too long.

No references, just my opinion.


ah yes, but if you eat Soylent and exercise, and take care of your bode. Witch would mean that you don’t try and work to death. or sit’s on your ass al day

and you don’t have to be a healthy young adult.

If you have a Car who have ben using old and dirty gasoline, it will soneror alter breakdown the engine. and then you give the car there best fule available and giving your cars engine a longer life

could it not be so?

it would be a hel of a side effect of Soylent. “Dring Soylent, may case you to live longer”


There was a study involving C. elegans in which they managed to link their genome to their diets.
News article:
Paper summary:

The basic synopsis is that when matching the C. elegans genome to the right diet, the C. elegans lived longer. I should also point out that this paper has only been out for almost a month, so while it has been found to be true for C. elegans, there hasn’t been any human based study. However it may be with customizable Soylent, we may just need a blood test to determine our Soylent diet


much of the human condition in regards to aging is genetic… basicly there is a fuse on the telomeres of the genes/dna as far as I remember, that basicly gets shorter and shorter after each cell devision… unless we find a way to directly fix these, death is imminant at some point… then there is the brain which basicly just becomes smaller and smaller with age… no fix for that yet either.

There was some stuff about inflammation also, as to how it makes us age more or something, I don’t remmeber the specifics, but basicly it’s not good for you in the long run. (Think it was from a video)


Domestic dogs and cats are usually fed a single ingredient diet of greater or lesser quality (with a tremendous amount of research backing it up). Doesn’t make them immortal. And a lot of the improvements in lifespan come from safety and vet care.



@EveB, indeed there are very few ‘immortal’ cells, but that stems from their usage of telomerase. Also dogs and cats are carnivores, whereas humans are omnivores, giving us a much greater dietary range than our (typically) furry friends. I wouldn’t doubt that, based on our genetics, there may be specific molecules that individuals/groups should avoid to prolong/live a healthier life, whereas others might want to consume only said molecules. Though would that be considered health or nutrition at that point?

@Tordenskjold, when DNA replicates it uses numerous proteins. What ends up happening is that a few nucleotides can’t be copied each replication round. ( for explanation). I can’t remember his name, but there was a guy going around asking for funding who believed he was on the path to finding a compound that caused telomerase expression in all/most human cells.


and alot is affecting you cell replication. i just draw the conclusion that the fact that we live a lot longer thanks to better food and easy availability to it, for cheap.

the collection of damage would be lesser because of the constant compleat nutrition intake not being half-baked.
then with “perfect” food we could reach our normal biological limit. and after that hope that scientists have found a way to repair all the damage and “fix” the process of aging, or prolong the time your young.

they had a TED on Biological immortality before.