Soylent and its affects on bathroom trips


Sorry in advance if this offends. I’ve been doing the Bachelorette Chow for a few weeks now. Has anyone tried it noticed an increase in going to the bathroom? Particularly number 1? I thought I had read that someone experienced it but I figured I would post.


If your water intake was sporadic or limited prior to soylent, it could be your body adjusting to the increased liquids. Typically if you up your daily water intake, at first your body does more elimination; after an adjustment period, that stops. That’s been my experience.


That does make sense and I try to drink lots of water. Call me paranoid, but between my weight (which is why I’m doing the 1500 cal version) and my family’s history of diabetes, I get nervous when I experience any kind of symptom. Given the high amount of niacin in it, it had me thinking.

Thank you for your input.


Well how else do you expect your body to get rid of the excess nutrients?


I find this happens any time I am on a vitamin supplement. The niacin levels for that recipe are high but unless you’re particularly sensitive to it or slamming the whole pitcher at once it should not be a problem.

When your body gets an excess of nutrients it tends to flush them. This will cause you to go through more water in a day vs being under nourished.


If you already take in a lot of water, you may be overdoing it with the water. The whole “8 cups of water on top of the rest of your diet” thing has been debunked over and over again… it’s about 8 cups in total of fluid, that includes whatever goes into your bachelor chow, and whatever water-containing foods you eat on the side (fruits, for instance, are often high in water content)


Your sodium, potassium, vitamin c and b vitamins all effect urine color and frequency, so I think it’s normal. It wasn’t quite a problem, but I had issues in the beginning; it was usually quite dark, or bright neon, and drinking more water to keep the color looking safe make me go ~8 times per day.

Eventually I adjusted to ~2L/day, (before and after soylent meals) after a few weeks, and now I only go about 6 times per day, which I believe is normal.

(I had only been going 3-4 times per day before soylent, but I was dehydrated, I think)


“The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. The AI for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day.”


Yea, I think I may have been over doing it. I was talking to the hubby the other night about how I’m already mixing water in with my soylent portions, plus drinking around 3 17oz bottles of water on top so it makes sense now.


I am wondering how much water I need to drink too. I feel like I am getting enough water because I mix a lot with my soylent, but then I think that There is a LOT of water in regular food stuffs (fruit, rice, pasta, etc…).