Soylent and Marathon Training - Any tips?


I am training for my second marathon and am on a diet of about 80% soylent (every third day or so I’ll have a typical meal. plus snacking here and there).

I’m not at my super long runs yet, just doing 11 miles or so. I remember while training for my first marathon, nutrition didn’t seem to make a difference until I was hitting the 16 mile mark. That’s when I hit the wall, totally revamped my diet, and was able to perform much better.

So, now that I’m using Soylent, I want to know what I can do to maximize my energy and recovery. This early in the game, I’m going to start adding a tablespoon of Chia Seeds and a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon to help with the anti-oxidants and blood flow. During and after runs I load up on eloctrolyte gels and drinks.

What else would help me? Any tips or advice? Anyone run a marathon on the Soylent diet?


Don’t forget to add salt to your Soylent. It has less than the DRI to begin with and with all that running and sweating your salt needs will be higher.


Thanks, good tip. I actually have some salt capsules that I forgot about. I’ll start incorporating those on days that I run.