Soylent and Marathon Training


I am 50 and currently training for my third marathon. 5"4", 127lbs. Will the formula of Soylent as it currently stands have enough carbs for the long runs and enough protein for recovery? Or should/can I supplement GU/Stinger Wafers during the run and Protein drinks post?


Kudos on training for a marathon at 50! It’s certainly no problem to supplement soylent with additional supplements if you want to get a specific kind of nutrient at a specific point in time. It’s possible that soylent’s balanced nutrient profile wouldn’t be appropriate for that purpose.


You’re going to need a lot more macronutrients and electrolytes than Soylent has in it, I’d supplement a lot in your position.


What is the daily calorie content? It definitely appears that I would need to up the protein and continue to use electrolyte beverages and glucose additives (GU, Gels, Stinger Wafers) during the run. I would like to loose a bit of weight, so I would need to balance my calorie intake as well. I would like to try it for two weeks.


Not sure why you would up the protein… you will need carbs though. I am also Marathon training and significantly heavier than you. On long days I easily burn 4600+ calories. My plan is to supplement Soylent with a good 4:1 carb to protein source.


I needed to up the protein for recovery and up the carbs pre-race. I am trying the liquid diet thing with real food right now. I don’t have a specific recipe, but I use a base of almond milk, coconut water, dark greens, banana, other fruit, dates, oats, flax seed and spiru-lein vanilla whey powder and cinnamon. I sometimes switch the greens for canned pumpkin. Once I know I can go liquid, I will try the Soylent product. I find the ease of use compelling. I am also going to stick with the Gatorade/water combo during the actual run. I sweat profusely so I need the electrolytes. Also doing some experimenting during training runs with glucose tablets and Hammer Endurolytes capsules.


Why carbs? Why not fat?


I currently train twice a day for two-three hours per session. It’s probably not the same as your marathon training plan, but I imagine it’s somewhat similar.

I’ve found it’s critically important for me to get the post-workout shake in ASAP so I can reload glycogen, stop protein breakdown, etc. My strategy has been to take in a 100g carb (maltodextrin for its high GI) and 25g protein shake after each workout. When I’m planning the rest of what I’m going to consume for the day, I take into account that I’ll be consuming those (i.e. the rest of what I eat follows a plan, minus 200g carbs, 50g protein, and whatever else is in the protein powder). This approach has worked out very well for me in recent weeks.

Also, I’m a huge fan of GU, especially the Roctane packets. I’m nearly religious about those on racing days.


@goldilocks - how is the post-workout shake progressing? Have you changed the mix or still keeping it the same as you listed above?


Still works great. Bit of creatine in there as well, which seems to help with recovery