Soylent and Science

Hey Soylent. Happy customer for some years now.

I was always pleased to see Soylent taking a pro GMO stance. Not enough companies are supporting the science.

Which is why I’m fairly disappointed that Soylent is now pushing probiotics.

We don’t know enough about probiotics yet and Soylent Bars are making very bold claims about their efficacy. The science isn’t out yet, Soylent’s claims are unfounded, and Soylent is engaged in false advertising.

I know I probably won’t impact how you do business, and I know some of the community here will voice support for probiotics. I just wanted to give you my feedback.

Thank you.


I would really like to see more research in this area… especially as it might pertain to those of us on a mostly liquid diet! Sometimes I feel my gut doesn’t handle muggle food as well as it used to and I wonder if a 90% liquid diet is making my gut biome lazy… I have no hard evidence here one way or the other…

I really haven’t seen much discussion of the bad points of probiotics in general. On Amazon, I see companies advocating that users buy long term subscriptions to their products. Do people really need long term probiotic intervention?

I am saddened by the anti-GMO hysteria that seems to dominate social and mainstream media. Soylent gets my praise for not succumbing to the pressure to go organic.

I completely agree. I too am very happy with Soylen’t pro-GMO stance. If Soylent dabbles in pseudo-scientific fads, it will shake my confidence in them, Soylent should either clearly explain why they think that probiotics are warranted, or remove them and the bold claims. I really don’t want my trust in Soylent to unravel.