Soylent and the Future of World Hunger


Medium article, Soylent and the Future of World Hunger

Edit: I know the article is two months old. But since it isn’t in a print publication, it wasn’t well distributed.

I posted since the subject matter is not covered in most mainstrem articles, and also because as far as reviewing the product itself, it calls out “me-first journalism” and clumps most of the early reviews as “predictable.”


Why is the latest date mentioned in this article early in 2014?

By encouraging a less wasteful style of consumption, selling Soylent indirectly affects world hunger, I would think.

One would expect organizations that deal with world hunger to be interested in Soylent, yes. Perhaps they are.


Older article, but still good.

Soylent is a great concept for helping with world hunger - but the hardest hit areas are poor countries/populations, so a much lower cost is imperative if it’s going to be a large & direct solution. Fortunately, greatly reducing cost is one of the main goals of Soylent, as evidenced by a few of their recent postings.


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