Soylent animations


Not sure if these are official Soylent videos or not, but this animator is creating some interesting Soylent animations:

Edit: Cacao one:


Apparently the forum software doesn’t allow Instagram videos to be embedded, so here are the links:

Same animation as above on Instagram:

Different Cacao one on Instagram:


They show up just fine for me in the first post, they look pretty cool!


Yeah, the first post is from Vimeo. They seem to post fine. It is the ones from Instagram that don’t seem to embed properly as videos (they just show a picture if I put them in)

For instance here is the Cacao video that is only currently on Instagram:

You can see that it only posts a picture, not the video.

However, if I post just the link like this: Then when you click it, it goes to the video.

Edit: He added the Cacao one to Vimeo now, and I added it to the original post above.


They are not official but the creator earned them selves some awesome swag.



New Cacao on Instagram, which seems to be playing well with the forum software now… could be a little better, lots of extra space…


@Conor, you need to get the guy creating these on your payroll.


Might already be in the works :wink: