"Soylent: Another meal replacement. Not as good as a meal"

Your Doctor’s Orders (whatever that is) calls Soylent an expensive gimmick: “Soylent: Another meal replacement. Not as good as a meal

Be warned: there are many things that this article gets wrong.


Sorry, but if someone were to ask – would you choose this or the
Standard American Diet – I would choose the Standard American Diet. Why,
because you can regulate the calories just as well as you can with
Soylent, you have a wider variety of food, you have flavor, you have
the ability to chew, you have joy. Plus – I can cook.

So, not for nutrition, then.


I guess Im killing my dog by feeding him dogfood…

Why does formulated people food get such a bad rap when formulated pet food tends to be recommended over raw food diets by both the FDA and veterinarians?


And formula killed my children.


The ones that need disclaimers are the few that DON’T have wrong information.

“Soylent: A new food product” (Warning: Some information in this article might be interpreted as accurate and generally logical)


I messaged him on facebook to comment and he gave me an email address, so I wrote him. I’ll see his response soon hopefully.

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Truly impressive: those other two articles weren’t this bad. He is an actual doctor and this is the type of argument he crafts?

For the rest of you that want to drink this because you don’t want to be bothered by food – grow up and learn to cook.

Of course he’s been performing weight loss surgery since 1991, so he knows the Standard American Diet is perfect and no one ever has issues with it.

I found this video that touches on a couple issues mentioned in the article:

He’s a chef and a foodie as well as a doctor, which may explain his knee-jerk reaction to Soylent. Teaching people to cook is a large part of his identity, and Soylent threatens that.

What has worked for me, and my patients - is a variation of ketogenic and paleolithic diets.

Soylent is a “fad” and a “gimmick.” He recommends a paleo diet instead!

It is difficult to imagine that Soylent presented to the body would be any different than a protein drink with some multivitamins mixed in it.

It’s easy to visualize if you look at the Nutrition Facts label or the ingredients.

He wrote an article bashing a food (for being a supplement) without ever discovering what it was he was criticizing. I wonder how that line of thinking went. “It’s a powder, huh? Must be a supplement!” Gee, thanks, Doc. Is powdered milk a supplement too?


Yea, he’s just pro-cooking.

[quote]New formulation for vegans
GMO free
Gluten free
Better for the planet – no big agriculture
FDA Approved
Cheaper than eating whole food
Can send this to a disaster area (Katrina type disaster) and feed people
Can be used in outer space[/quote]

It’s not GMO free. If anything, Soylent is pro-GMO.


"Grow up and learn to cook"
What a jerk… Clearly time has zero value.

Edit: argh! The attitude and lack of empathy is really making me angry… Let’s suppose as a single 48 year old male, I did “grow up” and learn how to cook.

I might spend 90 minutes each week driving to the store and doing my weekly shopping. Then I might spend 30 minutes each day cooking a new meal and 10 minutes cleaning up (I might optimize to snacks, scraps or leftovers for the remaining meals)… Soylent probably costs me 10 minutes a day cleaning the pitcher and prepping a new batch (2.0 would cost zero). So that’s a net increase of 90+30*7 or 5 hours.

As a runner in my own little myopic running world I might recommend the good doctor take up running for optimal health. All the runners in my little world look and feel healthy so clearly that’s an important use of time. Even at a pokey 12min/mi pace he could easily knock out 25 miles a week with 5 hours to kill. C’mon doc, grow up and excercise like a man.


Nothing wrong with being pro-cooking. I love to cook. But that’s no reason to be disrespectful to those who don’t want to cook. Telling people to “grow up” because they don’t like doing what you like doing is extremely immature. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amen. “Grow up” usually means “do what I think you should do”.


Disrespect is most often a tool for getting what we want at the expense of someone else.

(Admittedly sometimes it’s good entertainment as well, but even then it is coming at the expense of someone else.)


He did reply and it’s encouraging. Although we’re engaged in lively, if polite, disagreement, take this to heart: “PS - I buried my article so it is not easily found. I shall refine it and work on it over time and have a video about it later and put it on the front page of my blog. … Again - my goal, where the science leads me. My opinion - I like food better - but happy to learn more and alter the article before it gets promoted.”


I like food better, too, but I also like shortening certain parts of my day to get on to the fun stuff sooner. And I also like supplementing my diet with something that’s got a lot of nutrients I probably am typically not getting - I like it more than changing my diet to include things I should be eating but am not eating.

It’s not going to stop me from cooking and enjoying food. But it might give me more years to enjoy it with.


Never underestimate motivated Soylent users (Soylenteers?, Soylenters?, Soylentees?) to find the buried articles.


I enjoy food and cooking, and I am a pretty good cook, but that doesn’t mean I can afford to devote 2 hours of each day to prep work, cooking, eating, and cleanup just for supper. Sometimes I can, but for the rest of the time it is much better for me to grab a glass of Soylent rather than ordering a pizza or making ramen, which would be the alternatives in that situation. I’m astonished that an actual doctor would suggest that typical “fast & easy” food would be superior to Soylent. Even a nice proper meal would usually be less nutritious than a serving of Soylent, but we don’t devote the time to those solely for nutrition.


Telling people to “grow up and learn to cook” basically throws all of his credibility into the trash as far as I’m concerned. It’s not immature to want convenience.


Using Soylent more often gives me more time to devote to cooking more frequent special meals.

I’d pick Soylent + 7 special cooked meals a week over sandwiches and mac&cheese + 4 special cooked meals a week.

Soylent is great for people who like to cook but are short on time!


I like Soylent. It makes me happy, so Dr. Righteous can go bugger his horse.


Thanks to the liberal elite anti-bestiality mafia, even that’s not an option in Obama’s People’s Republic of Ameristan!!!