Soylent Apparel


So as a soylent subscriber and t-shirt owner, I REALLY wish that Soylent sold apparel on its website (hoodie, backpack, beanies, etc), as I like the heathered black color the shirt is and the simple design logo, as well as promoting a brand that I have followed since reading about Rob and his journey first making Soylent. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants “soylent swag”? :slight_smile:

Please consider it! Or have it on launch days or special occasions!!

Thanks for listening!


Unfortunately they recently said they have no plans to sell merch and will instead do targeted giveaways:

I want a t-shirt or hoodie or something though :frowning:


I’d also love a Soylent Tee. <3


I promise it won’t happen. We want to focus on selling food not merchandise. If it does happen it won’t happen until 2019. People ask for swag, and I’ll give it out in exchange for art work and great photos. But it’s more of a headache then a benefit in terms of selling. That being said we are exploring selling items that are food based, blender bottles and such.


Sounds like I need to DIY myself a shirt then. haha.


Then you can type your own cease and desist letter too. :grinning:


More than welcome to make your own so long as you don’t sell it :slight_smile:


Any plans to license the the manufacture and sell off merch?


None. :no_mouth: :confused:


That is a shame. I’d like a shirt. I found this thread today because I’m wearing my Huel shirt today. They gave it to me for free. I like Soylent better so I thought I’d buy a Soylent shirt. If you’re not selling them and telling other people not to sell them then no one can make a run of shirts to reduce the cost. That’s pretty lame.


We can’t allow people to make a profit off our brand. That has large reprocussions long term. Beyond that we are a food company first and foremost. I understand the desire for swag but it’s not the focus on the company.