Soylent Article in the New Yorker


Just thought I’d share.


Best line: “Soylent isn’t coming for our Sunday potlucks. It’s coming for our frozen quesadillas.”


Another good line:

He held out his arms, displaying his healthy torso. “I’ve been on it for a year now, and pretty much everything you see is built out of Soylent.”

That’s a fun thought. Spend enough time on Soylent, and you become Soylent.


The author didn’t really draw the connection here:

But as this forum proves, all the time you save with soylent just goes into talking about soylent :wink:


Interesting to note that he told them 30,000 units went out in the first week. That’s something they’ve said they will not answer here.


`[quote=“austonst, post:3, topic:12695”]
That’s a fun thought. Spend enough time on Soylent, and you become Soylent.

I think about this a lot too – and have since before I ever heard of Soylent. I have a daughter who has been on meal replacement formula for years now, since the age of 6mo, due to medical issues.

For a long time it came in powdered form, and I considered that the boxes could have been labeled “Contains: child. Just add water.”. There is a very real sense in which it was a box full of tubs of powdered human being.

Later we switched to the same product but in liquid form, which has been a whole lot more convenient (the powder never mixed very well). Either way, the vast majority of her body weight at this point is made from meal replacement.

Who has a greater claim to having delivered my child? The doctor, who delivered seven-ish pounds worth, or Frank, my UPS guy, who has now delivered many times that amount? Now, he’s delivering most of me as well.

Anyway, I guess this is why the idea of Soylent didn’t seem at all weird to me when I heard about it. We’ve been living it for years already in this house.


Yeah my partner’s response to people’s suggestions that somehow people “need solid food” was - “look at babies, we give them formula and fully expect it to be nutritionally complete. Soylent is just formula for adults!” I couldn’t agree more, and I loves me some formula! =)


I’d say that’s a home-run article. Very well written, balanced tone, and an overall honest assessment of the upsides and downsides of Soylent. Bet it wins over a ton of new converts.


I like this! can i steal it?


I like the article, it’s one of the better pieces I’ve seen, and fairly written. Plus, we get some insight into how things are running around the Rosa office/home. I didn’t realize they were living and working together still.

Something else I think is noteworthy (besides the shipping rates mentioned earlier) is the rate of current growth mentioned on page 7.

During the next two months, Soylent plans to ship its product to all of its twenty-five thousand initial backers. The company has ten thousand dollars in new orders coming in every day, and has started to become profitable.

Hopefully production is now up and running smoothly, considering this indicates that they are currently receiving new orders at a rate of about 1,000 weeks ordered per week. I have high hopes that reorders will go smoothly, but I am anxious.


No but you can borrow it. Make sure to bring it back in good condition once you’re done. =D


damnit, i was gonna take the credit… FINE!




I’m enjoying the article, but it makes me a little sad that @rob and the crew drink Miller Light. :wink:


uh oh… it’s true… Soylent really IS PEOPLE! eep!


No no no… People are Soylent, not vice-versa…


Maybe this is why you are not in sales and marketing? :slight_smile:


Lol well those were my partner’s words not mine, but actually that’s exactly what I’m in. Software development, marketing, sales, and affiliate marketing. Been my full time life for going on 8 years. Way too much time at the keyboard!!



You may be interested in one of the major ingredients (#3) in this, my original DIY recipe

It worked well, but when i moved back to Australia I went for a more “normal” DIY recipe.


LOL there ya go! =)

I heart Soylent… boy oh boy oh boy.