Soylent as a lunch substitute

I bought a case of Soylent 2.0 in hopes of finding a lunch substitute that would last for a minimum of 4 hours before hunger set in. Didn’t work.

I wonder if anyone has tryed adding an appetite suppressant like Oleic acid as a supplement to achieve this goal. Soylent could be a winner if that be the case.

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How much did you drink?

The whole bottle…

The whole bottle is 400 kcals; I suspect most people eat more than 400 kcals for lunch; you might want to look into supplementing it with something if you need to be good for a full 4 hours.


A big supplement of any kind defeats the whole purpose of Soylent in my opinion.

Try two bottles. Of course, the total amount of Soylent you need depends on what you want it to do.


Maybe try two bottles? Like @gambit says, one bottle is 400 calories, which isn’t much for a meal.

Are you trying to eat a given number of calories a day?

Two bottles means one bottle is a half portion. Defeats the purpose again.

no calorie counting…just a lunch substitute.

So the purpose is to make 400 calories last 4 hours even if your body wants more than that? Yes, an appetite suppressant might be worth trying.


I divide up my meals with around 350cal for breakfast, 700cal for lunch, 1000cal for dinner. Less and I get hungry.

Like geneven, and pauldwaite, I’m really puzzled by your decision that one bottle would be great, two becomes a failure. I’m not aware of any maximum recommended intake of bottles.


good points wms…

I was hoping for a one bottle meal solution. Might try two.

I think it would be difficult to figure out a “portion” size for Soylent that would suit everyone they hope to sell to.

I think the idea of 400-calorie bottles (as opposed to something larger) is to provide more flexibility — like it’s easier to drink 2 bottles when you’re hungrier than it is to repeatedly drink 0.7 bottles when you’re just having a snack.

Maybe in the future they’ll sell a range of bottle sizes to make individual meal replacements easier.

I think Rosa Labs currently recommends that you drink as much of the contents of the bottles as you like, but aim to consume zero of the bottles themselves.


If 1 bottle doesn’t fill you, but 2 bottles is too much and doesn’t fit with the rest of your meals, you could try one and a half. The bottles should last for 3 days in the fridge after you open them, so you don’t need to drink it all at once. Hope this helps a bit. Your appetite suppressant idea should be fine too, so long as you still get enough calories in the day.

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Good points here…At 54, 71", 195lbs, I need to eat less. 800 calorie lunch/ meal might be better. I like to eat a simple breakfast and a big supper.


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I read that as 7’ 1", and thought yikes, I don’t know if you need to eat less really.

71 inches is 5 foot 11 inches

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