Soylent as a lunch substitute

You need around 2000 calories per day, that means 5 bottles, that means two bottles for lunch, one bottle in the afternoon and two more bottles for dinner. Of course, you usually don’t drink the two bottles at once, you drink one and after a while you drink the other one, so your stomach doesn’t feel full. You also have to distribute the bottles according to how hungry you are and your habits, I guess (I don’t have breakfast). One bottle is just not enough, and it doesn’t defeat the purpose drinking two, because the purpose is to get the total calories you need.

Split up your lunch… A bottle at 11am and another at 2pm…


I do something similar. I am pretty much 100% Soylent with added protein. I prepare a pitcher of Soylent the night before with a 30 g protein shake addition. I drink 500 ml for breakfast and then have 500 ml for lunch around 11:30. I then have 45 g protein about an hour later in the form of chicken breast. I then have another 500 ml Soylent at 2:30 or 3:00. I have another 45 g protein (chicken breast) around 6:00 pm and have my final 500 ml Soylent about 30 min or an hour after that.

This means I usually have 6 meals a day. As I recall, more meals per day is better for keeping metabolism up. This also prevents me being hungry as well. This plan works with my current calories and protein intake goals. I am a 39 yo, 6’3" male at 285 lbs doing CrossFit 2 times per week.

The Soylent bottles can be consumed in a similar fashion but the times would need to be adjusted since one would need 5 main feedings vs the 4 I use on the powdered 1.5 Soylent.

You don’t have to drink whole bottles, so you could have an extra half-bottle and leave the rest in the fridge. It’ll be good for 3 days apparently.


That’s exactly what @codemaker said, two days ago. Scroll up 8 replies…

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Sorry if this is ludicrously obvious, but try drinking it slowly. I tend to drink a bottle over the course of a couple of hours, which obviously extends the duration of appetite suppression.