"Soylent" as a noun and trademark


I’ve noticed the use of Soylent as both the product and as a term representing a similar nutrition drink in the DIY community.

What is the status of the word “soylent” in terms of trademark use and will the Soylent team continue to embrace its use not only as a brand identity but also representing the type of nutrition drink product? In short, is it ok to call a nutrition drink recipe a soylent recipe even if it’s not the original Soylent recipe?


Vaguely relevant is this previous post, in which it appears that a widespread convention has been established.


Haha, yeah I was there for that one when it was first posted.

In terms of trademark? I’d assume it’s trademarked.

The good people here made a semantic decision, however, in the link posted above.


Though it’d be nice to have an official stance on this, I’m glad to hear it has been brought up especially since it appears to be catching on.

Thanks for the reference.


“Soylent” is trademarked by Rob&Co.