Soylent as an ingredent


Anyone have the official nutrient breakdown on Official Soylent?

I want to consider it as an ingredient for my DIY recipes. (Even though it may wind up being not cost effective in the long run, we’ve got two month’s worth arriving in a few weeks.)


Here’s the link to the blog post that details the final nutritional breakdown of the Official Soylent.


Has anyone taken the time to convert from RDA percentages to the units used on ?


Good question. No idea. If it’s based of regular RDI guidelines, it should be pretty trivial to figure it out though.


I might do that at some point, I’ll be sure to let you know if I do!


@QuidNYC put a couple recipes together here Just scroll down. Looks like he has 2.


@snowboardutah that wasn’t the question – It’s not about duplicating Offficial Soylent, the question was whether anyone has keyed in the nutritional information for official soylent as a single ingredient (well, actually two – one for the oils and one for the rest) in the ingredients database.


I dont see things like Lutein, Glycine, Antioxidants… Will we have to supplement that ourselves?


Since there is no RDA I would not expect them to necessarily be listed, hopefully team Rosa will give you the content of these. Supplement if you’d like.

Lutein may be there as a result of some of the ingredients;

Glycine is there as your body will synthesis it from the protein;

Supplementing antioxidants in general has come under some attack lately…