Soylent as an ingredient


I’m investigating the value of further developing a ‘project’ and would love everyone’s thoughts:
Who has actually used Soylent as an ingredient to create solid food?
If not, why?

For myself, the recipes introduce complexity to food prep… which I switched to Soylent to avoid hahaha.
I’d try out solid food recipes if they had 2-3 ingredients - I’m not too bothered about looks or taste. I’d just love to try out a meal composed of <80% Soylent.


I’ve made Soylent ice cream a few times before. I did Soylent, Strawberry Protein Powder, and Ice in a Blender. After mixing, I poured it in a bowl and left it in the freezer for a little while and it was perfect. It should be a little thick before going in the freezer, but experiment with the amount of water.


oooo I’ll have to try this - thanks!


If you look at older posts in the cooking category, you can find a broad variety of recipes, such as brownies or cookies. People had a lot of fun experimenting with it in the early days