Soylent as multi-day convention food

I staffed a 4-day convention over labor day weekend. Over the course of the convention, I equipped myself with Soylent (main thermos + reserve supply).

Soylent is the best kind of con food.

Firstly, some background. For the particular convention I staffed, our working requirements were 20 hours over the duration (I hit just over 40, counting a day and a half of setup prior to day 1). We’re provided with fairly nice food, but between shift scheduling, elevator crowding, and actually attending panels, it can be tough to actually get to it regularly. On day 1, I was busy until around 5pm, so I just drank Soylent from my thermos – over the rest of the con, I probably fluctuated between 50-80% Soylent daily.

Before this weekend, I was a little less than blown away by the “effects” of Soylent. Not in a bad way, mind you – simply that in the months I’ve used it, I’ve just felt… normal. And that’s good, it replaced a good deal of my food without any noticeable change, which seems like a pretty good outcome for a replacement.

During this weekend, I felt the least tired I ever have over a convention, even considering that this is the first year we’ve done 4 days, and the first year I’ve worked both setup and teardown. No hunger headaches, little to no sluggishness, I felt stable and subtly energized the whole way through. I can’t with 100% certainty attribute this to Soylent – I did eat other food, and there are way too many variables for a conclusive statement – but I’m sure it was at the very least, a factor. The best way I can describe it is that every time I reached for energy to keep moving through con, it was there and ready.

Anyone else have similar experiences on multi-day events (or questions about mine)? I haven’t been online much lately, but I’ll still keep an eye on my threads :slight_smile:


What do you use to clean your thermos? Soylent is a little ‘clingier’ than things I usually put in mine and I’ve been a little hesitant. Simple bottle brush do the trick?

So far I’ve made it a point not to let Soylent dry on, and I’ve washed them out as soon as I can (leaving the thermos closed until I can if need be). With stainless steel, it seems to be sufficient just to fill with hot water and give a good shake, repeating as needed until it washes out clear. Sometimes I’ve used the little spray attachment on my sink to get the lid/neck area clean. The Ikea thermoses do have a nice wide mouth as well, so I think I could use a brush if I needed to.


That’s not half as bad as I was thinking! I’ve been using a wide-mouthed nalgene bottle but it just doesn’t keep cold long enough if I can’t find a fridge

Both IKEA flasks work really well. Over the con, I generally freezer-chilled them for a few minutes each morning to get the inside cold, dropped in an ice cube or two, and the Soylent stayed cold pretty much all day. They’re also just $8 and $15. I know that store has a reputation for breakable furniture, but when they make something out of metal… it’s pretty good :slight_smile: