Soylent at delicate arch


After a long hike, the perfect thing is a nice blender bottle of soylent.


What type of camera is that? It looks like super-res.


That is an awesome photo, I just clicked on it and it’s very clear. Glad you got your Soylent.


If you don’t mind me asking, how long was the hike? Also how much pack weight were you carrying? I’ve been interested in soylent for hiking for a while and was curious how it works for that purpose.


Shot by my wife with my galaxy s5, though I had to resize it down so it could upload to the forum. The hike is just barely over 1.5 miles with the first half being fairly level and then you go up a rather steep section of slick rock. It’s not the easiest hike but it also isn’t terribly difficult… Unless you are packing nearly a gallon of water bottles for the kids, plus lunch in a backpack and hoisting a 4 year old on your shoulders so the gone all get done sometime this week. We were doing the hike with my wife’s brothers, spouses and kids. 7 adults, 3 toddlers, 2 babies and 5 other kids from 12 to 8. We were quite the sight on the trail.

I’m not cool enough to have real Soylent yet, this is diy People Chow(ish). Regardless, it was super refreshing after the hike up. I think I downed it in 3 chugs.


Original image (not resized in case you’re curious)

It also shoots in 4k: and slow motion:


First the Olympic Torch, now Soylent. Chris Bair has done it again!