Soylent at Walmart-sale 1/2019


Check your local Walmart!

Right now all 3 of mine(yes I have 3 in the area) have it on sale for 2.98 per bottle, normal 3.48. Thats in line if not cheaper than subscription prices
I just bought out the 6 remaining at one heh


Its available at Walmart but banned in Canada, makes senseā€¦


Still on sale. the Store that I cleaned out a week ago just restocked Cacao.
12 on the shelf. 1/2 sec on thinking to buy them all. only took 8 heh
Wonder what the inventory guy is thinking now


This is because the current case price is only 31.20, which puts the price per bottle lower than 2.98. But still a good sale if you want to try a flavor they carry.


full Cases are back up to 39.00
Solo bottles still 2.98
12 bottles with tax (in IL) $36.39
Walmart rocks


The Fairytale is over, Solos are back to $3.48 each