Soylent & Baby Formula

After my recent disappointments with soylent, I started reading as much as I could about different diets (particular fascinated by all-meat diets) in order to figure out what changes could be made to fix my problems with it. Human breast milk and water seem to be the only two things almost universally agreed upon as being fit for human consumption. After a few lazy attempts at trying to find the composition of breast milk, I tried to find ingredients in a baby formula.

With a big obvious facepalm I saw the first ingredient listed was Corn Maltodextrin and realized Soylent is basically just Adult Formula. While every baby fomula and medical nutrition powders like Ensure I found cost significantly more than Soylent by volume, it’s probably just the result of not buying directly from the supplier.

If not for the price and not wanting to be sick for my new job I’d test the effects of living on baby formula for a week and see how it compares to soylent. Any thoughts?

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“adult formula” is what many of us have always thought of it as, so yeah I’d say you’re right on the money there. That being said, I would expect that baby formula is skewed towards the required nutrient profile of a baby, and not a grown adult. I would think it’s probably a bad idea but I can’t speak to anything more specific than that. Someone else probably can and will though…


But what’s the difference in nutritional needs of a baby and an adult? I imagine the needs are essentially the same but in different amounts and proportions. Soylent’s been around for under a year but many baby formulas have been around for decades so there’s been more time for R&D.

It might be worth looking into using some of their listed ingredients. Some even have algal oil included in their powdered mix, which is something Soylent hasn’t yet done. (I didn’t know if I should have started this topic in nutrition or DIY)

I was so jealous when my baby daughter had powdered food. I wanted it too. Well an adult version. A couple years later Soylent came along! Well really DIY came along and then I waited and waited for Soylent. Then I got Soylent and drove my wife and daughter out of the house. :wink:

Edit: To be clear the death farts drove my family out of the house not me. They came back after I went back to DIY.


Same… but different… it is different amounts. that is why you can’t live on baby formula as an adult, at least not permanently.


That may be something you should look into yourself before you start trying to live on something that is not intended for adults.