Soylent backer reorder?


Thanks, Rosa Labs! I just received my first one month order. So far it’s been going great!

Anyway, curious if anyone else knows, I’m looking to be a regular subscriber. I noticed the confirmation email stated, “If you have already received a Soylent shipment and are reordering, your reorder should ship in 1-2 weeks.” Does this include people who backed Soylent? If so, are we supposed to contact anyone to confirm or link our backer account and subscription account?



As long as you used the same email address as your backer order, we’ll recognize your subscription as a reorder and it will be activated in 1-2 weeks. Thanks for your support!


I just placed my one month re-order subscription and used the same email address :smiley:


Ah ok, yeah I used the same email address. Should be good then, thanks!


I supported Soylent on Kickstarter and I received my one month supply. Now I am finished and I want to reorder? Can someone give me an email link where I can reorder? When I typed in my email address on the official Soylent ordering page it did not recognize it. Was it because my first order was through Kickstarter? Will I be able to reorder and receive my shipment in a timely manner? Thanks.


You have to register a new account. If you use the same email you used for the crowdfunding campaign, you’ll receive your order in 1-2 weeks.

Technically you don’t even need to make the account. You can just order it through the website, and it will ask for your email.


Which .com website? How can I reorder it without an account? Thanks.