Soylent Bag Design

Does anyone know if a redesign of the bags will happen? I find pouring from them into the pitcher pretty difficult sometimes, given their shape and inflexible opening. It is also a bit frustrating to try and close them and have Soylent powder blocking that mechanism.


I’d also like something different. Maybe not even a bag… whatever works.

Personally, I’d like to see them get rid of the ziplock. It serves no useful purpose except to trap Soylent at the top of the bag, which then requires me to tap and wiggle the bag to get the Soylent to drop down into the bag.

But, why should I have to do all that just to keep a useless feature?

Also, I think I’d like to see 500 calorie bags. The way I’ve come to make it is, when I open a bag, I measure 500 calories into small containers. Then, during the course of the day, when it’s time to eat, I pour the container into my small blender bottle, add ice and water, shake, and eat.

500 calorie bags would allow me to just throw how many I need into my back pack and I could eat wherever.


I could see myself storing a number of the 500 calorie bags in my desk drawer along with some clean blender bottles. This is better than using small containers because they would have the shelf life of the original product (this diminishes the second you break a seal).

I agree about the ziplock. I have never used it. If I wanted to seal it into the bag I would use a wrap and clip approach. But I normally pour the whole thing into a rubbermaid container and put it into the fridge. It’s much easier to scoop from a solid container. Normally, however, I’m mixing the entire bag at one time.


It might be worth having multiple packaging options in the future. Not sure how cost effective it would be… but if enough people voice their concerns I think there’s a chance.

Many folks including me - use (in my case) 1/2 a bag for a day use, so the zip lock us needed. I agree that pouring our power should work better.

Gotta say, the single meal bags are the way to go. Ultra convenient and practical. It doesn’t mean triple the waste as three single bags are smaller than one big bag.


+1 for individual serve (500 cal) bags.

I make a batch of 1000 calories per day, so I try and use the zip lock to reseal the bag each other day.

500 cal bags, no need to have stand-up bags ( meaning less product getting captured in the crevices )
500 cal bags, no need to have zip lock seal ( easier to get product out of said bag )

much more practical for those on-the go.
Less waste if you prepare 2000 cal (daily routine) then don’t consume it.

I cut the bag with scissors, just below the ziploc strip. Flawless victory!


So would you agree, the ziplock hinders more than it helps ?

( of course it does help some of those who do not make the full 2000 calories at a time )

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I just had one of the hardest “Duh” moments I have ever had in my life from reading this. Obviously, I should have been able to figure out for myself that I could cut below the ziplock level to keep powder from getting in there, but it had not occurred to me until I read your post that it was a possibility to cut the bag and use it that way.

Thank you and I can’t believe I could not think of something so obvious! It amazes me how simple an answer can be to a problem when you didn’t know the answer.


Holy crap how did I not think of this. I too let out an audible

Unfortunately that sound is trademarked, but after I pay off this fine I’m definitely buying more Soylent and trying this.


Except much of the time there’s already Soylent above the ziploc line.


+1 for 500 calorie bags. But I suspect it would increase production cost and time slightly.


I think the ziploc is a must for 2000 cal bags. I never make the whole bag at once. Scooping is a pain but I often portion out in half scoops and would like to reseal it. I always wiggle the top of the bag before opening to loosen the Soylent trapped above the ziploc. Wish they could just pre-zip that at the factory so product wouldn’t get trapped up there in the first place.


For me, I’ve never resealed a bag, so the zip lock is useless. I always make a full pitcher so 500 calorie bags would be equally useless. I wouldn’t want to receive 112 individual meal ‘bagets’ a month.

I could see where it would be convenient for some people but I doubt that Soylent will ever do it. They would need separate production lines and packaging. If they ever did do it I would assume it would cost more (for the end user) than the big bag.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to open the big bag (cut of the zip lock if you like) and dump the whole thing into one of those kitchen sugar/flour containers that you can seal shut. Then just scoop out what you need like you would with flour when your cooking.


I wonder what the target demographic of soylent is.

100% Soylent consumers would want the single bag (still no need for ziplock)

50% Soylent (lunch meal when away from home) consumers, would want 1000 cal bags (or 2x 500 cal bags)

single serve or occasional consumers, who would want individual 500 cal serving bags.

and with the production that I believe Soylent have, it would probably cost peanuts to have two different package sizes (though they could charge for the convenience factory)


I cut off the top (after opening to assure all powder has settled) as well as removing the Takeya handle (already off for cleaning) which seems to be fairly reliable thus far. Maybe in the future it could be a combo of 2000kcal and 500kcal bags? Say for example 5x2000 + 8x500… For those that consistently do 2000 at a time this adds a small hassle, but for many would give a few small servings for “on the go”

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then you lose all that soylent that was caked up above the ziplock line.

I’m always having to shake my soylent bags to get as much soylent below the ziplock line as possible before opening it. the ziplock is useless for me since i use an entire bag at a time but i see the need for it for those that only scoop a portion here and there. but for my needs I like the bag how it is just omit the ziplock bit and it’d be perfect for me.

i like the idea of the 500 calorie bags, but for me it’d be a pain in the butt to have to open four bags to make a full day’s pitcher. but doing the 500 calorie bags would omit the need to the scoops and may save some money in producing those maybe help offset the cost of the additional bags but what do i know of business?

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The Soylent getting stuck above the tear line (above the zip line too) is what irritates me. I have to do some interesting shaking just to get the powder to go down to the point where I can tear the bag a bit at a corner so there is enough air to allow the rest to be shaken down.
Also, the zip mechanism doesn’t work very well. It seems to be a cheap alternative to the awesome ziplock method. I can’t get it to close for the brief period when I shake up the protein powder I mix in. I just basically fold the top over at the zip line and hold tightly while I shake.
They need to improve the zipper as well as use the technique where they seal the bag lightly below the zipper so that the powder stays below the tear line during shipping so it isn’t all packed at the top there.