Soylent Bag Design


The zip fails for me if there is product packed in there. Sometimes I have to clear it out with a fingernail to get it to close. Seems like zipping it at the factory before shipment would alleviate much of the frustration.


“single serve or occasional consumers, who would want individual 500 cal serving bags”

Certainly doesn’t describe me. I’m 100% Soylent most day, with the occasional lunch with co-workers.

I want single serving bags because I’m very active. My mode of transportation is almost exclusively by bicycle. I’m not going to carry a pitcher of Soylent around with me.

I eat Soylent because I don’t want to waste time dealing with food: going to the grocery store, cooking, cleaning up, or going to restaurants. Bah. Give me single serve bags. I pull one out of my backpack, put it in my Blender Bottle, pour in some water, shake it, eat, wipe out the cup, and I’m off. I can do that ANYWHERE.


I wish they would do a redesign as well. Pouring is much easier when I take my handy scissors and cut off the corner of the bag on a diagonal (ziplock and all) and poor that way.


I’m almost 100% Soylent, but had to begin making it a serving at a time with 1.4; hopefully, 1.5 will taste and feel better after soaking.

Even so, I’d be happier without the ziplock. I pour Soylent into a blender bottle (weighing rather than scooping servings), and the zip makes pouring messier. And I don’t usually bother zipping the bag shut; I’ll just stick it in the fridge or whatever, it’s not going to be open long enough to go bad in any way.

Ideally I’d want the least amount of packaging possible, just to avoid waste.


I take the unopened bag, and pinch and pull the front and back apart to ensure zip lock is open. I hold the top corner and flick the top back and forth with my hand. Then I repeat for the other corner and there’s never any powder up there. It takes about 5 seconds to do this.


What I’ve started doing is to store all the bags standing up. I drop each bag on the counter a couple of times to get most of the powder down to the bottom and then I grab the top half of the bag between my thumb (in the front) and fingers (in the back) with both hands. Then I move my thumbs and fingers in opposite directions to try and push the front and the back of the pouch in opposite directions. This usually gets most of the powder to drop down. Then I keep them stored in a cabinet standing up. When I go to open one all the powder is already at the bottom.

I just open one box each week and to the above procedure on all seven bags.

I used to open all the 4 boxes of my 4 week supply and then stack them flat in the cabinet to get a whole months supply to fit. But more often then not, storing them flat just pushes more powder into the top section. I found by doing this straight out of the box I don’t have as much of a problem with powder stuck in the top.


I do one meal at a time, scooping the powder out with a measuring cup, so pouring is not an issue for me until I get to the bottom of the bag.

I like having the ziploc, but I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to seal, with or without powder stuck in there.

I would rather not have single-serving packages, because I only use 2/3 cup Soylent for each blender bottle of water. I prefer the texture that way, and the recommended serving size makes me feel too full.


I think this is another area where consumer choice would be optimal, once the company is in position to diversify a little. I don’t mind the Ziploc, because on those rare occasions when I don’t make a full pitcher, I like being able to seal the bag. I also store the bags upright, so I don’t have a problem with powder in the seal.

That said, I would prefer to have the product delivered in three distinct packages. One would be a full-day’s package that could work with the pitcher much more cleanly and easily than what we’ve got now. The second would be those one-meal packages, which would be pretty awesome for travelling and backpacking. Third would be a large-scale tub of it, with maybe a week’s worth or something, for more custom-tailored apportioning that is scoop-friendly. I would like to keep all three on hand. I recognize we’re probably some time from having diverse packaging being available, just as we are some time from having diverse flavoring, versioning, or anything else, but options should be a goal for the company to work towards in all facets.


a large-scale tub

Like 26 tubs for 6 months of Soylent? I’d so do that one. I would even like 6 tubs, each with a month of Soylent. The long shelf life makes it worth doing. What other (non-canned) food can you buy so much in advance?

I considered making one myself with a twist nozzle on the bottom so I could stick my cup / pitcher underneath without even needing a scoop. It might make precision harder but it really isn’t hard for me to eyeball it. I imagine two side by side tanks, one powder and one distilled water.


Took a picture from google and added the Soylent logo… I imagine a 500 calorie bag something like this at some point… perhaps with some way to see how much water to add :stuck_out_tongue: or if they find a way to have great shelf life it could have it premixed already.


Comes with a filtering funnel that easily attaches to your sink faucet for easy filling.


Packaging isn’t one size fits all. I hope one day Soylent is available in many kinds of packaging. Pre-mixed might be good for many people, like the elderly.

But, I hope there is a single serving package as powder. Personally, I’m not interested in hauling a pre-mixed form on my bike. I can get water almost anywhere. If it’ll only come pre-mixed in single serving size, I guess I’d stick to the full-day packaging and break it down myself, like I’m doing now.


Like @malachi, I would prefer it come in powdered form, and also without the narrow opening as in the one proposed by @Tordenskjold. In both cases, the main reason is flavoring. I like to tailor it how I like it, and I know I’m an outlier in how much extra stuff I like to add. I have me some blunt taste buds. For this reason, I would ideally like a re-sealable one-meal bag so that I could add the flavoring and reseal it before I go somewhere.

For a one-day bag, which will always be what primarily use, something akin to what we’ve got now would be fine, but longer and thinner so that it can actually fit into the pitcher. Also, if we had one-day meal bags, there would be no more need to make them re-sealable. Optimally, we will eventually be able to order mix-and-match Soylent packs–say, two weeks of one-day bags, one week of one-meal bags, and a one-week tub for a month supply–or whatever other combination we wanted. Presumably, once Soylent enters the retail market, which it will, these packaging varieties will be available, and so internet orders will just be a matter of combining already available packaging options, as with many other products.

For those who think these dreams pie-in-the-sky, it wasn’t so long ago that having 2-3 day turnarounds for orders was also pie-in-the-sky. Of course, I am pretty pathetic to have dreams about Soylent packaging in the first place. But there it is.


Last year Rob said that retail Soylent is too expensive compared to e-commerce, but I really hope he meant “for now”. Seeing Soylent in Walmart or at gas stations would be awesome.

Thinner bags is a great idea. It would make the boxes a tad smaller and preparation way easier for standard pitcher sizes. The single meals should be smaller yet, so you can poor them into narrow bottle openings like insta coffee.


Right now my daily calorie intake is 1,350kcal. If I had 500kcal meals, I would only be able to have 2 + a snack and I would be really hungry in between. I prefer to have smaller meals more often.

For me, the ideal packaging would be bulk, and I’d just measure whatever amount I want. I have no need for the 2,000 division. I only eat a maximum of half a bag in a day (I usually only have one meal of soylent a day, and my meals are closer to 300kcals than 500, so most of the time I have less than a sixth of a bag in a day).

The “one meal” bags would be equally useless because they would have too much powder for me, although I guess I could have half of one in a meal and supplement with a side or dessert, if it was easy to measure. Having them not resealable isn’t too helpful, though.

In the end, the tub would be the best option for me. I could just open the tub, scoop out the amount I want (using my own scoops, since theirs is too big) and reseal it. I find the 2,000 bags to be a pain to scoop from, I seem to spill some every time because the scoop gets caught, and they’re hard to reseal. Really hard to get the last of the bag out, too.

Making the bags longer so they fit in the pitcher is a good idea. However if I prepared a full pitcher it would go bad before I drank it all so it probably wouldn’t be useful to me specifically.


I just tried sealing the soylent bag with my vacuum sealer. it worked fine (better than the ziplock).
From now on i’ll be cutting below the ziplock and sealing again with the vacuum sealer (heat sealer)


I never have that problem, as I shake it out etc. (both before and after)

This doesn’t take rocket appliances!


My complaint is the waste. I’m a tree-hugger, and the fact that the majority of the food I now eat comes in non Recyclable containers is quite annoying. I, too, would like it to come in bulk.


Part of the packaging is for preservation.
If it’s bulk (say 1 week supply) how does oxygen contact for 1 week affect the product ?

The daily packages are not vacuum sealed, is the space left in the packet simply air, or are they filling it with a gas to push out the oxygen ?.

If it is air, then I guess there would be no issue with having a 1 week bag (which i would empty into my own container).


They do remove most of the oxygen from sealed bags.