Soylent Bag Design


Full quote you must not have read:

[quote=“battletankbob, post:19, topic:21780”]then you lose all that soylent that was caked up above the ziplock line.

I’m always having to shake my soylent bags to get as much soylent below the ziplock line as possible before opening it. the ziplock is useless for me since i use an entire bag at a time but i see the need for it for those that only scoop a portion here and there. but for my needs I like the bag how it is just omit the ziplock bit and it’d be perfect for me.

i like the idea of the 500 calorie bags, but for me it’d be a pain in the butt to have to open four bags to make a full day’s pitcher. but doing the 500 calorie bags would omit the need to the scoops and may save some money in producing those maybe help offset the cost of the additional bags but what do i know of business?[/quote]

The packaging should be designed so we don’t have to shake it like morons just to prevent a mess.


I would love the bag to be split into two pouches across the middle, so you can open it on top but then only use half of the bag. This will make dumping out more precise as well, so it should result in the less mess.


meh, seems like a “first world problem” to me. Then again, I just get my butler to do it…



+1 for 500cal bags. They just seem much more convenient from a traveller and availability standpoint. Plus, RL could mitigate any slight additional waste by using biodegradable fabric or plastic bags/containers; such as hemp based products.

Has anyone tagged the powers that be on this post?


And +1 for hemp to be considered for bags, among other things. I think it would be hard to make airtight, though I could be wrong.


The tradeoff is that hemp absorbs both moisture and oxygen.


-1 on the hemp bags. I would prefer bag that would improve shelf life rather than lower it.


I’m fine with 500 cal. bags - as long as they don’t replace the current “daily” bags.


I make a small slit at each side, below the zipper. This introduces air into the bag, allowing me to tap the powder out of the top part into the bag below. Then I finish the cut across the top.

As for getting the powder into the container: I bunch up the top of the open bag so that it fits into the container’s mouth completely. Then I just turn the bag over, dump the contents in, and wait until the powder settles. Out comes the bag, and I’m all done. No cleanup to do.


Butler… what are you implying? To be honest your replies feel like some sort of jab at me and my issue with the bag’s design. As if you’re saying I’m like, what, I’m a snob that thinks they’re too good to wrestle with the bag’s design flaws? I don’t appreciate the insinuation.

I mean I gave my two cents in a thread someone else began on the topic. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned an issue until this thread. But I really think the bag’s design needs to be addressed. I can’t be the only one that gets a bag with a sealed zipper with soylent caked above the zipper line. Trying to fiddle opening the zipper without opening the bag is a perfectly avoidable annoyance with a better design. It takes some doing to sorta pinch into the bag to undo the zipper then shake it out into the bottom so I can pour it into a blender. As someone who has chosen to primarily subsist off this product I think I need every last bit I can get and if I lose lots of product from faulty zippers then, well, I guess it’s too snobbish to complain about so nevermind.


I just prepared tomorrow’s lunch.
Snipped the sides and released the ziplock. Shook and tapped the top.
I cut below the ziplock and there was little powder there. ( I think I got lucky)
Placed the bag on the scale set zero and scooped out half ( -230 grams )
Then folded the flap over to remove most of the air and sealed it with the vacuum sealer.

Least amount of mess yet I’d say. Still prefer individual serves, bucket or no ziplock.


He is making a joke about things in general, for all of us here on discourse. Not a jab at you.

On twitter, for instance, #FirstWorldProblems is a humorous and self-deprecating hashtag. In a way, @smeggot is making a good point: we live in a pretty good world where our biggest problems that merit debate is talking bag design on an insignificant discussion board.

But again, this was a joke. And the “butler” wasn’t a characterization towards you at all. He was actually trying to make things light, so you wouldn’t mistake that “first world problem” was directed at you.

Guess he failed. :grinning:


haha Exactly. I’m joking around. Why are we getting concerned over a gram or two of powder getting stuck in a bag while there are children starving in Africa?

I do like the fact that the bag is re-sealable. I’ve made use of that fact a few times now, and expect to use it daily once I get backpacking again. :tent:


I’m well aware of the “first world problems” meme. As you said it’s a joke series that’s self-deprecating. But smeggot wasn’t self-deprecating, he was directing it at my post. In other words the way he presented it was directed towards me and others who have the same thoughts and issue with the bag’s faulty zipper. It’s a joke that’s funny on a nameless, faceless example like an unspecific group or entity or when it’s directed at ones self or phrased in a first person manner while not necessarily being about the author of the joke. But when it’s directed at someone it can come off as insulting. Which it did in this case. I hope you can understand how this is. Coupled with the fact the reply to my original post pointed out an obvious solution I addressed the following sentence which was omitted in his quoting me which could be construed as either him just skimming, not fully reading my post, or consciously choosing to ignore that point in order to make me look dumb, to be a butt of a joke. I doubted this, though I wanted to clear up the seemingly misunderstanding, which I did in my reply. Then it’s followed up not with a sign of understanding but a joke directed at my and those with similar opinion expense. Because of that second reply it makes his first reply seem more likely to be insulting. So of course I have taken offense to this whole situation. @Smeggot, I’m sorry, but it wasn’t funny. I didn’t appreciate the humor you were trying to convey. I understand now you didn’t mean it in malice. But you cannot expect the butt of a joke, even as a general audience as the butt of the joke, to laugh at said joke. Your joke came off the wrong way.

With that out of the way, more on topic: I like the reseal-ability of the bag. It offers people the choice of various uses for travel and the scooping option, like I’ve mentioned before. But as it stands the zipper doesn’t stay shut in, I guess, transit and Soylent gets caked up above the zipper line then somehow the zipper reseals? It’s a nuisance. Which I felt was pertinent point to bring up in a thread that discusses the bag. I mean there are plenty of frivolous posts here and there. You could say the same about general peoples’ complaint of 1.4’s “sliminess”. Why complain about a slimy texture when children are starving in Africa, right? But I do care about losing significant amounts of Soylent from zipper locking and unlocking during transit and opening up to a mess. You may say it’s only a few grams but that adds up. And the first time I just ripped into a Soylent bag without knowing to expect the shifting of contents I was left with quite the mess all over my counter and kitchen floor. I mean, obviously, I since know to shift the bag. But it seems like a better designed, more secured zipper or a different bag design could prevent this problem all together. What’s wrong with that?

I feel these are valid complaints. And perfectly suited to a bag design thread.

Although graphically the design is nice. I like the clean look of the Soylent branding. No issues there.


Those are a lot of words. And I’m still grinning. You should, too. :grin:


Slowly step away from the keyboard.
Get a dose of humor–he was clearly just joking. He even said he was joking in a subsequent reply.


520+ words refuting an admitted joke. #FirstWorldProblems :innocent:


I’m a 50% Soylent person, but I would not want 500 calorie bags. No one on here has mentioned people who use half servings. Maybe I’m in a really small minority, but I have 500 cals (1 serving) for breakfast and 750 cals for lunch (1.5 servings). So while I agree that the Soylent getting trapped is annoying, for me, the best way around it would be to dump the whole thing in an airtight kitchen container (like for flour) as casssax mentioned. Then it’s easier to scoop. Also, it would be really nice if they’d seal the ziploc at the factory so at least the Soylent would get delivered with powder already trapped up top and in the ziploc.


Easier than trying to clear it out with your fingernail is simply flicking the bag lightly a few times on each side. It easily clears out all the Soylent that had gotten trapped in the threads of the ziplock.


For the record, I use half servings (1000 calories/day). Generally I consume 500 calories/breakfast and 500 calories/lunch.

That being said, this lends itself easily to splitting a pitcher’s worth among two days. I’m one of the fortunate ones that is well served with the current size bags and included pitcher. My scoop is virginal.