Soylent Bag Design


Perhaps I should have said 1/4 servings then. I meant that I use a serving smaller than can be achieved by the scoop. Point being, whoever does the redesign needs to keep in mind a large amount of flexibility, not just full bag/half bag/500 calories.


Let’s combine the two ideas; imagine a weeklong “belt” of single serving soylent pouches. :sunglasses:


I travel into NYC for day trips and I am on the go the whole time. I too would like 500 cal (single serving bags) to make it easy to make on the go.

However, if they make them I want them to have a cone-shaped tip so I can easily pour the powder into a 20 oz Poland Spring water bottle. THIS IS CRITICAL. Otherwise, I just make a mess and look like a dipstick.

Offer A Single Meal (500 Cal) Package

and each serving/partition detachable too?


What if they just included a funnel designed for these bags with the welcome kit?

I create my own funnel with a paper plate every time I mix a new pitcher, it’s really the only way without creating a huge mess.


Well, maybe not “the only way.” As others have posted, I find just scrunching the entire bag opening into the top of the pitcher dumps all the powder without making a mess.


I don’t see why perforations between them would be a problem.

Well, I was originally thinking rectangular bags like this:
But a non-90 degree parallelogram would probably work as well:


Can’t tell if this has been stated here, but I find the bag frustrating because mostly it’s hard to scoop out of. Also, sometimes I approximate and pour directly from the bag into my water bottle and that usually ends poorly. The bottle hole is about an inch-and-a-half in diameter, which means the powder ends up spilling all over the place.

I have tried cutting a corner off, but what ends up happening is all the powder clumps together and I have to squeeze it out manually like toothpaste. Am I crazy here?


No, you’re not crazy. The current bag and scoop design are a poor match for each other. An oval scoop would work so much better, both in getting powder out of the bag and getting the powder into a bottle.


Also, I tend to break my meals down into thirds, not fourths like everyone else seems to do. Personally, I’d be averse to 500cal bags because it would sort of disrupt the 666cal meals that I’ve been doing.


@Tark @Uueerdo I forked this single meal bag discussion into a separate topic over here. Offer A Single Meal (500 Cal) Package


That’s an oddly specific number of calories per meal. I mean, if you’re saying 1/3 of the bag, 665 or 667 would be in the ballpark of that too… Maybe you’re just adding an evil touch to your evil diet?


Yeah, I actually use an oval scoop and a scale. I don’t measure with the scoop, mainly because it doesn’t match up with anything specific, but it works a heck of a lot better than the Soylent scoop at scooping out of a bag.


When I break it down into four meals, I use a scale too. I scoop it with a tablespoon, seems to work fine. The last serving I can just tip the bag and pour it into the container.


I think a single bulk purchase of one huge bag in a box would be great for a lot of people. Some people love the single day bag, but so many of us use half a bag, one quarter, or some other fraction. The single day bag is just extra packaging. If we could buy a week or two weeks or a month as a single big bag then we save on packaging and we can scoop out as much as we want. Bulk purchases are more environmentally friendly and more flexible.

Keep the 2,000 calorie pouch and then give an option for bulk purchases.


An option I have not seen mentioned here would be edible/soluble packaging, e.g.

These kind of bags could be added to a pitcher/blender directly, avoiding issues with the ziploc and wasted Soylent clinging to the current plastic bags (how I hate them).

I can envision shipping Soylent in a box full of 500-cal soluble bags, with a thin plastic liner to protect against water while shipping. This would minimize waste, shrink the shipping size, and allow for a one-size-fits all packaging option (something like 28 soluble packages bound up in 1-week units).

Possible issues:

  1. Cost, mostly to the Soylent packing facility for required machinery. I don’t see pricing** for Monosol’s materials, but thin/light materials are typically cheap and the cost may be offset if shipping mass is reduced sufficiently.
  2. Ineffective dissolution: I can imagine the packing sticking to the side of the pitcher and leaving a sticky film (like rice paper around candy), but I don’t actually know how soluble these materials would be.

I think this could be a very interesting option.

** I did not look very hard


I am yet another who finds it better to cut the bag below the zip lock line.

For a hoarder like me, that’s actually saying a lot, Soylent bags are kinda cool, but I haven’t found a use for the empties.


I cut the bag below the zip line. When I make individual meals, I roll up the bag and close with a banker clip (etc.), but that’s rare. I either blend a whole day’s worth in a pitcher or scoop a whole bag into single meal bottles (might one day try bags).

FWIW empty and dried disposable 32oz or larger water bottles are great for single meal use.

All ya gotta do is

  • Open the cap (with the dry Soylent inside).
  • Add some water from a tap or a bottled water.
  • Shake
  • Top off water, shake again
  • Enjoy

Not so skilled that I can use a funnel w/o spilling some powder, but once filled, a meal is always close at hand.


The “zipper” is garbage. Unless it’s completely clear of Soylent(which is next to impossible), it won’t seal. Also it traps Soylent between it and the top of the bag.

IMO, RL should just remove the zipper completely, because it doesn’t work. To provide additional options for smaller meals, a tub or smaller packs could be considered.


I cut the bag just below the “glue line” after I’ve ensured that the zipper is open and the contents have been shaken down as much as possible. I’m tipping the whole thing over into either the blender or the rubber maid container anyway.