Soylent Bag Design


Not to change the subject, but I’ve been trying to think of uses for the boxes. They are a very good size for storing old papers, notebooks, etc… I was thinking I could connect them (with staples or tape) and make a kind of bookshelf out of them. Maybe this could be done inside a closet to have lots of compartments to store things in. Perhaps a topic for another thread.


As soon as I read your suggestion, I scampered over to grab a few paperbacks to check them against my Soylent box hoard. Alas, the boxes are too narrow.


Buy a food funnel? Might be a little tacky, but at least you won’t make a mess.


For me, I only would do Soylent for one meal a day. It’s important to me to have hard foods for my teeth, have variety, socialize, and taste something good. For me Soylent hopes to get rid of that one bad meal I would have eaten.

Since prepared Soylent only lasts a day or so, that means I can’t make a full meal at once. It’s important to be able to re-seal the bag. If I make the whole bag, I end up wasting a lot!


Officially, prepared Soylent lasts 48 hours in the refrigerator; unofficially, I’ve gone past 72 hours a few times with no problems.


Remember there are people who do 3 meals per bag of Soylent instead of 4. The 500 kcal size would not work for me. Maybe the option for 667 kcal? I am happy with mixing a days worth at a time so I don’t really care about smaller sizes. I’m also not interested in packages large than 1 day (2000 kcal) for the same reasons.


Maybe the answer is to invent a collapsible travel system that stores the powder and has a built in funnel, so we can carry the amount we want (500 cal or 667 cal) and make it on the fly.


Just a note about my experiences. I’ve found Soylent (1.4) powder doesn’t really funnel all that well; it is more likely to just form a large, loose, conical-shaped “clump” in the funnel than it is to pass through it.


Indeed - that was my experience when I had to try to mix some at work. Total failure - it made a big mess, in the end. lol


I use a canning funnel, kind of like this one:

It works great for dumping scoops of powder into smaller containers. Powder does stick to the sides a bit, but a brisk shake will knock it into the container.


Thumbs up for the current bag design, althou it might be nice to see some more options in the future. I am a big fan of ziploc bags in general. The Soylent bags are light, reseal well, and do not puncture easily. I have carried them around in suitcases and backpacks, and I have yet to have a problem. The bags create less waste than plastic boxes would. It might be nice to be able to buy it in builk, for the people who like to transfer it to the kind of containers you use to store flour or sugar. Single serving pouches are a nice idea too.


I am not positive, but I think you are the first person I have seen say this. I mean sure, they seal pretty good… once you spend a very tedious minute or two scraping out all the strongly impacted powder from the zipper track.


Looks more like soylent in space :smiley:


Echoing the above, I also dislike the existing bag design (powder gets stuck in ziplock, head is too wide, powder gets stuck on the side seams, etc.). Maybe I’m clumsy, but I have to pour the powder over my sink or else I get it everywhere. Typically I will make 1000 calories at once using a 32oz Blender Bottle. (I also hate the free pitcher, since it is leaky and hard to clean, but Blender Bottles have been excellent!). Since I don’t use the whole package at once, doing away with the releasability is not a great option, but changing to 1000 cal or 500 cal non-resealable packages would work for me.


The ziplock doesn’t work well enough to be worth its bother; I’d just as soon use a bag clip to close the bag.

RL could even distribute a Soylent-branded chip clip.


I’d trust a binder clip on a cut and double folded bag opening before I would a powder impacted zipper.


Leaking seems to come from oven tightening, don’t lock it down just snug it up. I have seven pitchers and none leak. Also, fwiw, I rinse them and let the dishwasher handle the rest, makes cleanup pretty easy for me.


Seven! I thought my four Frigoverres was a lot. (All, alas, in storage while I’m going through the 1.4 that I can’t bear after it soaks.)


I’ve read that advice before, and I do know it won’t leak if I have the lid on “just right”. But it’s hard to get it on “just right.” There’s no marker to indicate where the correct tightening spot is. I would say this is a design flaw. Never before have I heard of a pitcher where it leaks both if you over tighten or under tighten it. It’s just another thing to worry about and a hassle.

With the Blender Bottles, it just takes a single squirt of soap, a shake, a quick rub with a brush, and the bottle is perfectly cleaned. With the Pitcher, the handle needs to be disassembled, and for me, the powder gets stuck in the threads and is hard to clean out.

To each his own. I have found that the Pitcher doesn’t work for me, but if it works for you, that’s great. But if it leaves a bad impression to the average customer, maybe it’s not great. I’m not sure what the statistics are for that. :slight_smile:


Good advice. I’ll try that. … Keeping a 2000 calorie bag but just doing away with the zipper might be a good option!